LoRaWAN Tracker

LW001-BG PRO is a wireless smart, ultra-low power consumption, indoor&outdoor LoRaWAN Tracker. It integrates GPS positioning, Bluetooth positioning and WiFi positioning, supportsa variety of working modes, suitable for most tracking applications.

Ideal to optimize logistic process, asset management, سيناريوهات المستودعات والمخزون, تتبع في الهواء الطلق, theft protection, livestock tracking and much more.

مواصفات المنتج

> Support anti-demolition alarm
> Support motion detection
> Support vibration detection
> Support idle detection function
> Multiple working modes (Standby mode, Timing mode, Periodic mode, Motion mode)

> تحديث البرامج الثابتة عبر الأثير (OTA)
> Local data back-up for uplink payloads
> Support offline fix
> Support anti-tamper alarm
> Multiple and high precision positioning technologies (GPS positioning, Bluetooth positioning, WIFI positioning)

Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

The LW001-BG supports both indoor and outdoor positioning. In indoor scenarios, the LW001-BG can be positioned indoors via wifi and Bluetooth technology; in outdoor scenarios, the LW001-BG can be positioned outdoors via GPS functionality.

Movement Trigger Management

The LW001-BG has a built-in high-performance tri-axis acceleration sensor. The three-axis acceleration sensor can detect the movement of the device, trigger the positioning function and report the position information to the server

Idle detection

If the LW001-BG is not moved for a long time, and beyond the set idle timeout, the device will send idle payload to remind the user of the current idle status to prevent the tracked device or livestock from abnormal conditions

Fragile and valuable goods protection

When LW001-BG is used to track fragile goods, valuable items or other things. Users can choose to turn on the vibration detection function, when strong vibration is detected, the device will record and report this vibration information to prevent unnecessary disputes.

Local data back-up for uplink payloads

Multiple installation Ways

The product can be mounted by screws, straps, double-sided tape, DIN rail, إلخ, and is suitable for most applications

① Double-sided tape

② Screws

③ Straps

④ DIN rail

تخصيص الشعار

تخصيص الحزمة


Customer Firmware

تخصيص البرامج الثابتة

Technical Description

LoRa Wireless Parameter


LoRaWAN V1.0.3

تردد LoRa


Max Transmitted Power



-137ديسيبل @ SF12 300 بت في الثانية

مسافة الاتصالات LoRa

يصل إلى 6 كم (in urban open space)

BLE Wireless Parameter

بلوتوث® (أصبح)


ماكس قوة TX

8 ديسيبل

BLE Communication Distance

Up to 50m(in urban open space)

Physical Parameter


122mm×72mm×33mm (±2mm)

Shell Material

ABS + بيسي

استهلاك الطاقة

مزود الطاقة

7680mAH no-chargeable battery(6800mAH available)

تيار التشغيل


النوم الحالي


Apploctaion Parameter

درجة حرارة التشغيل

-20 ~ + 60℃

رطوبة العملية

5% - 95% (No condensation)

مستوي رقم التعريف الألكتروني


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