About MOKOSmart White-label Solution

MOKOSmart white-label(aka private-label) solution offers a range of white label products for the global smart device سوق. حاليا, our product line includes تعقب اللياقة, smart home devices, bluetooth beacons and Bluetooth modules. The following explains why you next partnership could be white-label.

Based on circuit board design & Mfg.

White-label Solutions Comes

Bluetooth Proximity Beacons

Bluetooth Modules

Fitness Tracker Solution

  • العلامة التجارية المخصصة. جعله لك.
  • Design & Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Custom Product Features & Mobile APP
  • Certified Quality Products. Wholesale Price.
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حل المنزل الذكي

Smart Plugs & Sockets

Smart Power Switch