Fiona Kuan

A technical writer and editor at MOKOSMART

Fiona, a technical writer and editor at MOKOSMART, previously spent 10 years as a product engineer at an IoT company. Since joining our company, she has worked closely with sales, product managers and engineers, gaining insights into customer needs. Blending deep industry experience and understanding what customers want most, Fiona writes engaging content spanning IoT basics, in-depth technical materials and market analysis – connecting with audiences across the IoT spectrum.

Fiona Kuan’s Most Recent Content

What is Bluetooth IoT and Why Choose It

What is Bluetooth IoT and Why Choose It?

Over the past decades, the pace of IoT innovation never ceases to amaze us. We’ve gone from pie-in-the-sky dreams of connected appliances to deployments of massive industrial sensor networks. Market

How to choose the right IoT RTLS technologies for your specific need.

How to Choose from 8 RTLS Technologies

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies have transformed the way we track and locate objects, people, and assets in various industries. Whether it’s monitoring inventory in a warehouse, ensuring worker safety