Moko Technology Ltd. founded in 2006, Based in Shenzhen, is an expert at embedded engineering, PCB design, manufacturing and assembly. We are honored as the excellent supplier of many companies all over the world. Our company provides full or partial turnkey PCB assembly service ranging from printed circuit board fabrication, components sourcing, PCB assembly to functional testing, enclosure assembly.

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MOKO provides 2-50 layer PCBs for fabrication, including HDI, Rigid, Rigid-Flex, & flex boards. From low quantity to mass production, with high quality, and quick turn available at a low cost. As one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China, we adhere strictly to manufacturing rules to maintain quality control.

Our factory was updated with high-quality equipment. Our core machines were all bought from mainstream manufacturers. The core equipment, quality system, personnel management are in line with first-class PCB factories.

PCB Fabrication Equipment

Etching line

Automatic Optical
Inspection line

CNC Drilling Machine line

Copper sink line

Electroplating production line

Exposure Machine Line

Foaming Machine

Fully automatic
inspection machine

PCB Manufacture Capabilities

PCB Manufacture Capability: 10,000 square meters PCB per day, and 400,000 pcs monthly

ISO9001, ISO1004, UL listed, RoHS

Nomal PCB board / HDI PCB board / FPC PCB board / rigid-flex PCB board / metal PCB board

Board thickness(mm): 0.3~12

Max. layer-up(L): 50

Check Detailed PCB Fabrication Capability
PCB Fabrication Capability
NoItemPCB Process Capability
1base materialNormal TG FR4, High TG FR4, PTFE, Rogers, Low Dk/Df etc.
2Solder mask colorgreen, red, blue, white, yellow, purple, black
3Legend colorwhite, yellow, black, red
4Surface treatment typeENIG, Immersion tin, HAF, HAF LF, OSP, flash gold, gold finger, sterling silver
5Max. layer-up(L)50
6Max. unit size (mm)620*813 (24″*32″)
7Max. working panel size (mm)620*900 (24″x35.4″)
8Max. board thickness (mm)12
9Min. board thickness(mm)0.3
10Board thickness tolerance (mm)T<1.0 mm: +/-0.10mm ;T>=1.00mm: +/-10%
11Registration tolerance (mm)+/-0.10
12Min. mechanical drilling hole diameter (mm)0.15
13Min. laser drilling hole diameter(mm)0.075
14Max. aspect(through hole)15:1
Max. aspect(micro-via)1.3:1
15Min. hole edge to copper space(mm)L≤10, 0.15; L=12-22, 0.175; L=24-34, 0.2; L=36-44, 0.25; L>=44, 0.3
16Min. Inner layer clearance(mm)0.15
17Min. hole edge to hole edge space(mm)0.28
18Min. hole edge to profile line space(mm)0.2
19Min. Inner layer copper to profile line space (mm)0.2
20Registration tolerance between holes (mm)±0.05
21Max. finished copper thickness(um)Outer Layer: 420(12oz)
Inner Layer: 210(6oz)
22Min. trace width (mm)0.075 (3mil)
23Min. trace space (mm)0.075 (3mil)
24Solder mask thickness (um)line corner:>8 (0.3mil)
upon copper: >10 (0.4mil)
25ENIG golden thickness (um)0.025-0.125
26ENIG nickle thickness (um)3-9
27Sterling silver thickness (um)0.15-0.75
28Min. HAL tin thickness (um)0.75
29Immersion tin thickness (um)0.8-1.2
30Hard-thick gold plating gold thickness(um)1.27-2.0
31golden finger plating gold thickness (um)0.025-1.51
32golden finger plating nickle thickness(um)3-15
33flash gold plating gold thickness (um)0,025-0.05
34flash gold plating nickle thickness(um)3-15
35profile size tolerance (mm)±0.08
36Max. solder mask plugging hole size (mm)0.7
37BGA pad (mm)>=0.25 (HAL or HAL Free: 0.35)
38V-CUT blade position tolerance (mm)+/-0.10
39V-CUT position tolerance (mm)+/-0.10
40Gold finger bevel angle tolerance (o)+/-5
41Impedance tolerance (%)+/-5%
42Warpage tolerance (%)0.75%
43Min. legend width(mm)0.1
44Fire flame class94V-0
Special for Via in pad boardsResin plugged hole size (min.) (mm)0.3
Resin plugged hole size (max.) (mm)0.75
Resin plugged board thickness (min.) (mm)0.5
Resin plugged board thickness (max.) (mm)3.5
Resin plugged maximum aspect ratio8:1
Resin plugged minimum hole to hole space (mm)0.4
different hole size in one boardyes
Max. panel size (finished) (mm)880 x580
Max. working panel size (mm)914 x 602
Max. board thickness (mm)12
Max. layer-up(L)40
Aspect30:1 (Min. hole: 0.4 mm)
Line wide/space (mm)0.075/ 0.075
Back drill capabilityYes
Tolerance of back drill (mm)±0.05
Tolerance of press fit holes (mm)±0.05
Surface treatment typeOSP, sterling silver, ENIG
Rigid-flex boardHole size (mm)0.2
Dielectrical thickness (mm)0.025
Working Panel size (mm)350 x 500
Line wide/space (mm)0.075/ 0.075
Flex board layers (L)8 (4plys of flex board)
Rigid board layers (L)>=14
Surface treatmentAll
Flex board in mid or outer layerBoth
Special for HDI productsLaser drilling hole size (mm)0.075
Max. dielectric thickness (mm)0.15
Min. dielectric thickness (mm)0.05
Max. aspect1.5:1
Bottom Pad size (under micro-via) (mm)Hole size+0.15
Top side Pad size ( on micro-via) (mm)Hole size+0.15
Copper filling or not (yes or no) (mm)yes
Via in Pad design or not ( yes or no)yes
Buried hole resin plugged (yes or no)yes
Min. via size can be copper filled (mm)0.1
Max. stack times4

PCB & Enclosure Assembly

SMT Assembly capability: 5 high-speed SMT lines from Yamaha and Sony(10 million chips per day-0402, 0201 with 8 million per day)

DIP production capability: 3 DIP lines(1.2 million pcs per day)

3 Production Lines for enclosure assembly(Each line has 15 assemblers and 2 quality control engineers)

SMT production line: 5 SMT production lines, factory area 6000m2

All SMD placements are AOI inspected

High-end equipment: YAMAHA/JT, AOI/SPI/XRAY, etc

As small as 0.4mm pitch, all BGA placements are X-ray inspected

Full BOM material supply: RC / bead / inductor / connector / crystal / diode /transistor, etc in stock

Minimum package: 03015, 0201, 0402

One-stop hardware innovation platform: PCB design, board manufacturing, patch assembly, component supply.

PCB Assembly Workflow

PCB Assembly Equipment

Main Production and Inspection equipment (8 SMT LINE 3DIP LINE)

Full-automatic Screen Printer DSP1008

Yamaha YG200 SMT Equipment

Yamaha YV88-XG SMT Equipment

Yamaha YV100XGP SMT Equipment

SMT Production Line

VCTAB486 AOI Equipment

Production Assembly line

Soldering Production Line

Reflow Soldering: XPM²820

Automatic Wave Soldering WS-4501

Automatic Insertion Machine

X-ray UNI-AX8200

PCB Assembly&Inspection Equipment List

Check Details
ITEMDevice NameModelManufacturerQtyRemarks
1Full Automatic Screen PrinterDSP-1008DESEN8
2SMT MachineYG200YAMAHA58 SMT Line
6Reflow Soldering8820SMNOUSSTAR4
7Reflow SolderingXPM820Vitronics Soltec3
8Reflow SolderingNS-800 IIJT1
9Solder Paste InspectionREAL-Z5000REAL1
10Automatic Optical Inspection SystemB486VCTA3
11Automatic Optical Inspection SystemHV-736HEXI5
13BGA Re-workMS8000-SMSC1
14Universal 4*48-pindrive concurrent multiprogramming systemBeehive204ELNEC3
15Automatic Plug-In machinesXG-3000SCIENCGO2
16Automatic wave soldering systemWS-450JT13 DIP LINE
17Automatic wave soldering systemMS-450JT2


We have gained the certificates like ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, RoHS, and UL.