W6 Bluetooth Armband Beacon

  • Bluetooth 5.1 Standard
  • Nordic nRF52811 SoC
  • Kompatibel mit Eddystone und iBeacon gleichzeitig
  • Eingebettet in einen 3-Achsen-Beschleunigungssensor
  • Ultra-low power consumption Integrated RFID tag
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery
  • Configurable parameters in a Smartphone app for both Android & iOS, und bieten ein SDK (Software-Entwicklungskit).
  • Wearable in multiple styles to suit multiple scenarios (can be wristwear, keychain, or neck chain)
  • Available in multiple colors to suit different accessories


W6 is a Bluetooth wristband beacon made to offer personnel tracking, secure access control, and flawless management services. It comes with a CR2032 replaceable battery which can last up to 13 months on default settings due to the beacon’s ultra-low power consumption qualities. W6 Bluetooth wristband beacon is not only compatible with Bluetooth 5.1, but it also has an in-built high-end 3.axis accelerometer sensor that detects falls, movements, vibrations, and shocks. The beacon and accelerometer’s framework can be easily configured to suit the ultimate needs of the application.
W6 Bluetooth wristband beacon has a maximum transmission range of 150 Meter (492ft) in open areas without barriers. This product’s color, parameters, and logo can be customized to match the client’s requirements.


Firmware updates are done Over the Air (OTA)



Farb- und Logoanpassung (MOQ)

Replaceable battery

Pre-configuration parameters


SOS emergency button

In-built RFID

Customized package


Maße (L*B*H) 48.9mm * 41.7mm * 12mm
Angebot Bis zu 150 Meter (492 Füße) in open areas
Batterietyp lithium coin CR2032 battery
Batteriekapazität 220mAh
Standard Batterielebensdauer Bis zu 13 Monate
Batterieersatz Ja
Firmware Update Über der Luft (OTA)
Antennentyp Leiterplatte (PCB)
Sensoren Mifare Classic 1k EV1 RFID 3-axis accelerometer sensor
LED Es verwendet ein rotes LED-Licht
Material ABS+PC & TPU
Bluetooth-Standard Bluetooth 5.1
Farbe Can be customized
Umweltbedingungen Betriebstemperatur: -20°C/ +60 °C
Lagertemperatur: -20°C/ +60 °C( Batterie nicht installiert) 10°C/ 25 °C (Batterie eingebaut)
Feuchtigkeit: 0% - 95% (nicht kondensierend)
Protokolle Wirbelstein & iBeacon: URL, TML und UID
Installation You need a Neck chain, Wristwear, Keychain, and Hang
Wasserdicht IP67
Taste Mechanical button
Hauptchip verwendet Nordic nRF52811
Zertifikate USA(FCC)
Andere Zulassungen oder Zertifizierungen können angepasst werden.



Smart Healthcare

It has an emergency SOS alarm button enabling users to initiate an immediate nurse call. W6 is merged with the MOKO gateway hence provides the precise location of users.

Access Management

Offers secure access control. It has an in-built RFID that helps in personnel recognition, flow management, etc.


Can support up to six active slots to broadcast multiple advertising packets simultaneously and separately. Use in stores, Einkaufszentren, Museen, and exhibitions to offer proximity promotions.

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