Dispatcher – Reimagine Patient Transportation Services In Hospitals

Dispatcher – Reimagine Patient Transportation Services In Hospitals
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    An Intelligent Job Dispatching Solution

    One of the most physically demanding jobs in a hospital is a patient transportation service. Each day countless of patients get moved inside hospitals by a porter team. Even with the best intention to perform the job well, this operation lacks effificiency. Jobs are recorded manually sometimes on papers. Jobs get dispatched randomly and slowly. Jobs are unable to track. Patients wait a long time for a porter to come. The stat shows that this is one of the top three reasons that decrease patient satisfaction.

    It needs a big upgrade to effectively use resources, promote a lean mindset and reduce wastes. In order to best address these pain points, we create a solution that provides a Grab-like experience to requestors, porters and patients.

    Making Everything Digital

    Manually handling this operation is a demanding task. From accepting requests via phone calls, recording jobs in a spreadsheet, remembering what jobs are waiting, our solution digitalizes all that via web application and Android application to streamline the overall process.

    Optimizing with Real Time Data

    Our dispatching engine knows everything running in the system such as job status, queue, traffific, including staff locations. This knowledge is used to optimize the best scenario for the porter team by dispatching a job to the most suitable staff based on his current locations, workload, and skills.

    Leveraging the Existing Infrastructure

    For quick and economical deployment, our solution can work seamlessly with your existing Wififi infrastructure. Not only does this help you save time and money, but it also reduces IT security threats and maintains manageability too.

    Preparing for the Future

    Our solution is designed to work with translators, messengers, maids, and technicians; those whose job is to provide a service on site. We make sure that every team gets the right tool to improve their work performance, and to be rewarded fairly.


    Main Features

    Digital requests

    Create a service request via a web application. Keep track of both incoming and outgoing requests’ status in real time.

    Staff status

    Track who is on duty for which job, available for a new job, or offlfline in real time to help supervisors manage workload effectively.

    Job workflflow

    Keep track with the tasks through the Web. Notify when a porter picks up and escorts the patient to the destination.

    Staff performance

    Analyze the time spent in every step for one task of a porter and record it for a better staff evaluation process.

    Mobile app

    Receive a job request, accept, reject and perform it via the mobile app, which also updates staff location in real time.

    Auto assignment

    Assign the task appropriately via mobile application by considering the present location and porter’s availability.

    Job history

    Access a complete task history of every porter daily, weekly and monthly via job / porter profifile page and reports.

    Operational insights

    Monitor overall status of the operation in an analytical form, such as an average duration of jobs this week and more.


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