MOKOSmart wifi plug

MK114 ESP32 Smart Plug Socket

MK114 is a smart home device that turns your typical
electrical device into a smart, kontrollitav, ja multifunktsionaalne seade, enabling you to easily control your lights and household electronic devices via mobile app on your IOS or Android devices, no matter where you are. And It also can measure the instantaneous and accumulative energy consumption of the connected devices. Compared to MK112, MK114 has a high-level metering precision.MK114 has standard Moko firmware which can connect to customer cloud platform.

  • Remote control applicance power ON/OFF on mobile-phone APP
  • Keep track of real-time power consumption
  • Sisseehitatud ESP32 moodul, toetada BLE -d& WiFi side
  • Supports standard MQTT V3.1.1 protocol and TLS V1.2 transport layer encryption protocol
  • Can connect to standard MQTT servers, such as Mosquitto MQTT and EMQTT; also can connect to AWS IOT /Azure IOT HUB /Aliyun IOT
  • Support API for APP and cloud server developing
  • Customized service:
    • Toetage Zigbee abil kohandatud riistvara, Z-laine , Bluetooth ja muud traadita tüüpi
    • Püsivara arendamiseks on klientidele saadaval skeemid



Power supply voltage

230 V~, 50/60 Hz

Switching capacity

3600W at 230V~, 16A, ohmic load

Internal power consumption

Average: 0,075W
Peak: up to 0,68W

Radio frequency

WLAN(WiFi) 2.4 GHz
BT4.2/ BLE 2.4 GHz

Measurement accuracy

From 90W +/- 0.5%
Below 90W less accurate

Size of device (H x W x D)

110 x 62 x 52,5 mm



Ambient temperature

-10°C to +40°C

Degree of protection


Pollution degree

Cat. II

Rated impulse withstand voltage





230V input
230V output

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