W3-pro Beacon

IoT beacon

  • Disposable detachable wristband
  • IP67 Waterproof standard
  • Push button for hospital patients, personnel positioning and emergency call
  • لباس حسگر حرکت اضافی برای تشخیص سقوط
  • The disposable detachable wristband can be customized with 13.56MHz NFC tag
  • سازگار با iBeacon ™ و Eddystone (UID, آدرس اینترنتی, TLM) همزمان
نماد مارک های MOKOSmart Beacon


The W3 Pro IoT beacon is a Disposable Wristband tag with 3-axis accelerometer sensor, which can advertise iBeacon, Eddystone and Sensor data.

The W3 Pro IoT beacon has accurate hardware and robust firmware. The shell is anti-dismantling, and the wristband uses PVC material disposable wristband. It is mainly used in hospitals, nursing homes, playgrounds and other application places. It can be used for personnel tracking and positioning and activity monitoring. RFID tags can be customized for wristbands and tags, including NFC.

W3 Pro IoT beacon has 2 series: W3P-P5201D3 with buttons; W3P-P5201DN without buttons.

The elderly/patients wear disposable detachable wristband W3-Pro IoT beacon, an MKGW1 Bluetooth gateway that continuously scans for signals is arranged within a radius of 30 meters in the venue where Beacon is located. The gateway itself can be connected to the Internet via WiFi or network cable where the information uploads to the cloud, the person responsible for monitoring downloads the information sent from the cloud to the gateway in front of the remote computer, and then the monitoring personnel sends the corresponding information to the staff in the premises.


دستگاه چراغ تبلیغاتی

پشتیبانی از BLE5.0

چیپست بسیار کم مصرف انرژی NRF52 Serise

6 اسلات ها را می توان پیکربندی کرد

ماشه دکمه پشتیبانی و حرکت ماشه

میان افزار از طریق DFU به روز شد

مقدار G, میزان نمونه گیری و حساسیت سنسور شتاب سنج 3 محوره را می توان پیکربندی کرد

آرم قابل تنظیم است (MOQ 100 واحد)


Wristband color and Wristband with NFC customizable(MOQ:500رایانه های شخصی)

با پیکربندی خود ارائه شده است (MOQ 100 واحد)

100% پارامترهای قابل تنظیم از طریق برنامه MokobeaconX Pro (Android و iOS)

مولفه های
اندازه(H * W * L) 40mm x 16mm x 10mm
مدل باتری CR2032
ظرفیت باتری (میلی آمپر) 225میلی آمپر
عمر باتری پیش فرض تا 1 year
باتری قابل تعویض است نه
حداکثر محدوده 90متر(+4dBm)
ضدآب Yes IP67
پروتکل ها iBeacon و Eddystone: UID, آدرس اینترنتی, TLM Eddystone Configuration GATT Service
به روزرسانی میان افزار OTA
روش پیوست Disposable detachable Wristband
سنسور داخلی سنسور شتاب سنج
فناوری اضافی Customizable built-in 13.56MHz NFC wristband
صدور گواهینامه CE & FCC

بارگیری صفحه اطلاعات


نمایش دادن

W3 Pro IoT Beacon Applications

Trigger an alarm:

You can use the APP to set the corresponding name (or MAC address) and broadcast alarm information corresponding to different key operations in Beacon in advance; when a user needs to call for support, they press the IoT Beacon button according to the corresponding operation. The Beacon broadcasts different alarm information. مثلا, when the user presses two times in succession, Beacon broadcasts data A, telling the monitor they need medical staff to help.

Doctors and nurses can also use our H3 H1 or W2 to locate people and trigger alarm functions.

Personnel positioning:

There are many gateways at the venue. Each gateway scans to the IoT Beacon to obtain a signal strength value (the longer the distance, the weaker the signal). After multiple gateways scan to Beacon’s signal value, the radius is drawn according to the signal strength, and the intersection point is selected, which is the position of the elderly/patient who is currently wearing IoT Beacon. Since the location of the gateway is known in advance, the location of the Beacon can be calculated from this intersection, and the location information can be uploaded to the monitoring staff in the background to determine the movement trajectory and location of the elderly/patient in real-time.

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