Location Anchor Beacon with meter-level accuracy

Paves the way for new indoor positioning use cases and business models

Location Anchor Beacon




Sijainti majakka

M2 Omaisuudenseurannan majakka

Asset Tracking Beacon

M3 Teollinen majakka

Teollinen majakka


Road Stud Beacon

M3 mini

BLE Asset Tag

Applications of Location Anchor Beacon

How Does the Location Anchor Beacon Work?

The beacon uses advanced algorithms and sensors to determine its precise location and then sends this information to the nearby devices in the form of Bluetooth signals. The nearby devices receive these signals and use the location information to provide navigation instructions or other location-based services.

working principle of Location Anchor Beacon

Why Choose Anchor Beacon from MOKOSMART

Location Anchor Beacons from MOKOSmart are of High Accuracy
High Accuracy

3~5m high accurate location information makes it ideal for use in large indoor spaces.

Location Anchor Beacons from MOKOSmart are of Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Helppo asentaa, can be set up in just a few minutes, compatible with any bluetooth devices.

MOKOSmartin sijaintiankkurimajakat ovat pitkäkestoisia
Long Battery Life

Aikeissa 10 vuotta’ battery life ensuring reliable and continuous service.

Location Anchor Beacons from MOKOSmart are of Customization

Sensors and firmware can be added to fit various applications.

Location Anchor Beacons from MOKOSmart are of Cost-effective

Cheap than other similar indoor location solution, low cost in hardware and deployment.

Excellent Quality

Excellent customer support and quality certification guarantee brings happy customers.