Sports life
Accurate heart rate monitoring
Scientific movement control.

צג דופק

Equipped with a wrist optical heart rate sensor, 24-hour automatically monitor heart rate changes, record consumption, assess health level, and enhance your physical fitness.

מפעיל מוניטור
Built-in gravity sensor, automatically identify and count your steps while you’re taking exercise, by setting goals it will help you improve your healthy level.

מפעיל מוניטור

Sleeping monitor
Automatically monitor your night time sleep status,statistics your sleep time and analyze your sleep quality, with a histogram shown on APP to help you better understand the sleep quality.

Sleeping monitor

Morning Alarm Clock
You can set an alarm reminder, wake you up by vibration, to avoid disturbing the rest of the family..

Morning Alarm Clock

Call reminder
In case the bracelet has disconnected with APP, it will vibrate to remind you incoming phone call, make sure you won’t miss any important call in the noisy outdoors or even when your phone is put in the backpack.

Call reminder

Sedentary reminder
H701 has added sedentary reminder function, when you sit in office or learn for a long time, the bracelet will remind you to stand up and exercise, stretch body and breathe fresh air.

Sedentary reminder

Dustproof and waterproof
Daily waterproof for worry-free, can be immersed in water for a short time at room temperature and pressure, daily wear, sweat, wash your hands without removing the bracelet.

Fitpolo H701 Fitness Tracker
  • Product name : Fitpolo H701 Fitness Tracker
  • Operation temperature : -20°C~ 45°C
  • Battery type Polymer : Li-ion battery
  • Battery capacity : 100mAh
  • Display screen : 0.49″ OLED
  • Wireless connections : בלוטות 4.0 הפכתי
  • Main Features : Heart rate monitoring Sleep monitoring Sports monitoring Call reminder message notification Time display Alarm clock Sedentary reminder Anti-lost function
  • Waterproof level : IP67
  • OS requirements : דְמוּי אָדָם 4.3 and IOS 8.3 or above versions are supported.
Fitpolo H701 Fitness Tracker App
Fitpolo H701 Fitness Tracker-green

Your life is more than one color
Fashion and multicolor make it more amazing and personal.

Fitpolo H701 Fitness Tracker-purple
Fitpolo H701 Fitness Tracker-red