LoRaWAN + BLE for Location Solution

רקע כללי

An indoor location system is formed by integrating wireless communication, base station and inertial navigation positioning, and other technologies to identify and monitor the position of persons and objects in an indoor space. Common indoor wireless positioning technologies include WiFi, בלוטות, אינפרא אדום, -תחום רחב סרט, RFID, ultrasound and Zigbee. but they are not ideal for accurate, low-cost, low power and long-range indoor location systems.

Based on new generation BLE positioning and LPWAN technologies, we can provide a perfect and low-cost wireless location solution for both indoor and outdoor use by combining our LoRaWAN GPS tracker, BLE probe and Beacon product within the location system.

איך זה עובד

תרחיש 1: For indoor positioning only, combine the Beacon and BLE probe. The BLE probe is placed in a fixed and known position where it will scan the nearby Beacon and send its MAC address, RSSI and raw data to the server. The Beacon position can be acquired using the Pythagoras theorem when the three BLE probes receive the same MAC address at the same time.

תרחיש 2: For both indoor and outdoor positioning, combine the LoRaWAN GPS tracker and BLE probe. The LoRaWAN GPS Tracker supports both BLE and GPS locations. The GPS positioning can be used for outdoor situations. With indoor situations, the LoRaWAN GPS Tracker can serve as a BLE beacon that can be scanned by the nearby BLE probe, which will send the information to the LoRaWAN server. The LoRaWAN GPS Tracker position can be acquired using the Pythagoras Theorem when the three BLE probes receive the same MAC address at the same time.

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