1.33 מסך TFT אינץ ' (240*240
3-חיישן כוח הכבידה
Rechargeable lithium battery 140mAh
חיישן דופק: HRS3300
שבב מעבד: NRF52832
חסין מים: IP67
שימוש בזמן: על אודות 3 ימים,המתנה 10-15 ימים


Smart Watch H706-Functions

Heart Rate Monitor

Equipped with a wrist optical heart rate sensor, 24-hour automatically monitor heart rate changes, record consumption, assess health level, and enhance your physical fitness

Heart Rate Monitor

הקלט מצבי ספורט מרובים

FITPOLO H706 can record multiple sports modes, such as walking, running, Riding, basketball, football, Yoga, rope skipping Mountaineering

הקלט מצבי ספורט מרובים

Analysis Sleep Quality Scientifically

Automatically monitor your nighttime sleep status,statistics your sleep time and analyze your sleep quality, with a histogram shown on APP to help you better understand the sleep quality

שִׂיחָה + Message Reminder

when the bracelet is connected to the phone, can achieve real-time communication.You never miss call, סמס, facebook, wechat…

Breathing Training

According to your assessment of your heart rate, scientifically guide your breathing training, adjust your heart rate through breathing training when your heart rate is too faster

Personalized Screen Display, Switch at Will

FITPOLO has designed a variety of screen display styles.You can choose different screen display styles to show your personality

Personalized Screen Display

אפליקציה חכמה

פונקציות APP בשפע, ממשק פשוט וקל לשימוש. Let you Love sports, love challenge…

אפליקציית השעון החכם Fitpolo H707