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B2 Pametna značka

The B2 Smart badge is designed for Staff Duress & Panic Alerting in a variety of settings, including constructions, healthcare facilities, and offices. It is a wearable badge that comes with an enlarged SOS button and features IP66 waterproofing and a high-capacity battery, making it ideal for use in any environment. Nadalje, it integrates ID card and BLE communication into an all-in-one design. Bluetooth wearable badges also have LED notifications and buzzers that enable immediate alerts and location-based services, including Geo-fenced alerts, kontrola pristupa, visitor traffic management, i svijest o lokaciji.

MOKOSmart Beacon

Značajke proizvoda

> Standard CR80 ID card can be inserted and placed on the side
> Can be worn horizontally or vertically with different lanyard options
> It can read RFID tags with HF, LF and UHF on both sides (prilagodljiv)
> Enlarged textured concave Button to activate SOS or self-defined services

> IP66 waterproof and robust casing enable it to withstand harsh environments
> 3-color LED notification and buzzer to distinguish different types of notifications
> The transmission range can reach up to 150m in an open area without obstacles
> Low power consumption and large capacity batteries allow this badge to last up to 4 godina

Smart Badge Applications

Pametna zdravstvena zaštita

The B2 smart badge can be used in healthcare settings for duress calling, restricting access to sensitive areas, i svijest o lokaciji. This feature helps healthcare workers send instant distress signals to their colleagues in case of emergencies, restrict access to sensitive areas to protect patient privacy, and track patients and staff in real-time, providing a better overview of healthcare operations.


The B2 wearable Bluetooth badge can be used in construction sites for detecting near-misses, geo-fence alerts, and instant SOS alerts. With the bluetooth badge, companies can detect potential safety hazards, alert workers when they enter restricted areas, and instantly send distress signals in case of an emergency. This feature helps enhance safety protocols, prevent accidents, and ensure a safer work environment for all workers.

Pametni ured

With the smart wearable badge, companies can easily manage the flow of visitors, monitor their movements, and ensure that they only access authorized areas. This feature helps enhance security protocols, improve visitor experience, and ensure a safer work environment. Dodatno, it is a valuable smart device for tracking employee movements, attendance, and productivity.

Skladišta i tvornice

With 3-axis accelerometer, B2 smart badge can detect whether the workers have fallen or are slacking off, thus improving worker safety and productivity. The B2 bluetooth badge is also useful for restricting access to sensitive areas, enhancing security protocols, and ensuring a safer work environment.

Tehnički opis




98x65.18x7.95mm(non-key area thickness)
98x65.18x8.55mm (key area thickness)


Tijelo - Bijela
Dugme - Plava (boja prilagodljiva)





IP ocjena



Senzor akcelerometra | Zujalica


HF | LF/UHF(prilagodljiv)

Kapacitet baterije

800mAh | Nezamjenjiva baterija

Vijek trajanja baterije

4 godine*

Radna temperatura

-20°C do 60 °C

Domet prijenosa

150m (Otvoreno područje bez prepreka)



Suitable card size

CR80 IC Card


FCC | OVAJ | RoHS | DOHVATITI | Bluetooth


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Kratak opis proizvoda B2 Badge Product Brief_V1.0_20230225.pdf 2023-02-25

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