Product Features

Our modules are available with the necessary external circuitry and are either partly, or fully, qualified (with/without integrated antenna) towards relevant wireless standards. Also, we can offer custom-made Bluetooth modules in order to suit your project.

Nordic, TI, qualcomm

certified Bluetooth low energy modules based on Nordic, TI, qualcomm chip

Bluetooth 4/5

including nRF52832 Modules, nRF51822 Modules, CC2540/2541, CSR8635, etc

Working range

nRF51822: ~50M nRF52832: ~120M CC2541/2540:~40M CSR8635(BT v4.0): ~10M

Sample for test

We offer sample for you to test. simply contact us to request samples.


UL, CE, FCC and RoHS. Only cetified green products shipped

1 Year Warranty

We provide 1-year warranty from the shipping date.

Our Services

We provide custom-made products which allows you to suit your target market the better way. Also, we provide electronics manufacturing services. 

Custom Specs

with/without integrated antenna. dimension adjustment, etc

Project Support

hardware and software design, Module firmware development

EMS Service

component procurement and assembly, making the manufacture plan.

Application Cases

The Bluetooth modules we designed have served a range of markets such as proximity beacons, Bluetooth item finders, fitness trackers, adult toys, smart home devices, etc.

Fitness tracker

Eddystone or iBeacons

Smart home

Item finder asset tracking

nrf51822 & cc2541 modules


Size: 15mm×24.8mm
Embedded PCB antenna
nRF51822qfaa chip
Check Datasheet


Designed for ULP wireless
Size: 13.5mm×16.2mm
nRF51822qfaa /nRF51822qfac onboard
Check Datasheet


Nordic NRF51822QFAA
Size: 17*20.8*0.8mm
Download Datasheet


Size: 17mm×25mm
With 3-axis linear accelerometer
nRF51822qfaa onboard
Frequency range: 2.4GHz
Download Datasheet


TI CC2541
≤-84dbm at 0.1%BER
size: 13*26.9mm
Download Datasheet


TI CC2541
Size: 13.5*18.5MM
≤-84dbm at 0.1%BER
Download Datasheet


TI CC2541
≤-84dbm at 0.1%BER
Download Datasheet


TI CC2541
Size: 13.5*18.5MM
≤-84dbm at 0.1%BER
Download Datasheet

nrf52832 & csr8635 module


NFC feature
designed for high data rate, short-range wireless communication at 2.4GHz
32 bits ARM® Cortex-M4 @ 16MHz
Download Datasheet

F-3289 BT Audio Module

Base on CSR8635 chip
Frequency range: 2402~2480MHz
RF Transmit Power: 8dBm(typ)
Download Datasheet

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