Christmas is the Most Hectic Yet Enjoyable Time of the Year IoT (Internet of Things) in Christmas

Christmas is the Most Hectic Yet Enjoyable Time of the Year IoT (Internet of Things) in Christmas
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    Connected sensors and devices can now take the pressure off both businesses and individuals during this most joyful season. loT (Internet of Things), ensures that although everyone is “hustling and bustling” more than ever before, the rapid run around by businesses to supply and track products and by consumers to run their homes efficiently is diminished with the use of ioT in Christmas devices.

    Wearable devices that from home sensors for everything from food temperature monitoring to timing of activities are made more efficient with ioT. Who does not need to know what is purchased, what is available in stores, and what is “pending” arrival now in stores and online? Both businesses and consumers benefit from ioT in Christmas 2021.

    How IoT Assists in Business during Christmas 2021

    • ioT in Christmas saves a lot of time and expenses this year especially, as stores are having trouble tracking the products that are in transit via trucks, that are out of stock in each store, or the dates when they will become available.

    • Theft of foods and products is bountiful unfortunately with “dash and loot” occurring regularly in higher-end stores. loT in Christmas beacon surveillance can add another dimension to prevention as a sensor can be employed as soon as a product is touched. Location of a misplaced product, especially if perishable, is immediately tracked this with ioT devices.

    • The geographic location of the looters within a store can be immediately displayed on a screen if using ioT cutting back on losses. The “dash and loot” crowd in the USA is too fast and too cunning for general security cameras and thousands upon thousands of dollars are lost already this Christmas season.

    • Many stores employ trucking companies and the location of these also can be tracked more efficiently and a note sent out to consumers immediately when the arrival of products will happen. Like most Americans, the consumer has signed up for the store updates and these updates appear on mobile and smartwatches which are checked every few minutes. ioT in Christmas is invaluable to businesses and consumers in this way.

    • Traffic tracking and other types of data gathering are being used by businesses since timely truck deliveries are crucial. Since the USA uses many independent truckers, store owners must know when the truckers are on the road, when just sitting idle, or when stuck in traffic. Sensors that give input directly to a business assists the business in knowing when all products will be delivered, and which truckers are more reliable than others.

    • GPS tracking is not as efficient or as detailed as the devices that use ioT. ioT in Christmas provides more detailed, faster, and more exact data to a business.

    • Temperature control of products especially perishables has always been a problem in transit when delays occur. Although reefer trucks exist, the truck can only control the temperature for so long before a new truck must replace it and freight companies seek solutions on how to know exactly when the truck needs to be replaced by another truck and driver. ioT in Christmas technology sensors can not only control the temperature better but also can pinpoint when the chemical balance is dropping, and the truck needs to be switched out. A new truck during an intermodal freight shipment can be en route before the temperature drops to an unacceptable point.

    • Shoppers are frustrated as they can go to a store, after being told that a product is in stock, only to find that the product has sold out by the time that they get there. The food shortages are most frustrating in the USA this Christmas 2021. Consumers can program their smart devices, especially their watches and tablets for immediate updates using the newest ioT technologies and not waste time scrambling from store to store. Businesses lose money when the data and analytics are not tracked carefully as USA consumers are not loyal and once disappointed do not come back again.

    ioT in Business during Christmas 2021


    Christmas Homes in 2021 Need ioT technology

    Yes, Santa and his elves can also work magic using ioT in Christmas in their home. Because of the price of gas in the USA, more families are getting together in one location. Running a large Christmas gathering to say the least is hectic. Christmas dinner 2021 is going more buffet-style than ever before in the USA which means food needs to be kept at a certain temperature, i.e., hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

    The list below is almost like the “Twelve Days of Christmas”

    1. ioT plug-in devices will certainly alert hosts and hostesses to the increase or decrease in drops in temperatures.

    2. The devices use intelligent sensing, and a host or hostess need not jump up and down to check on foods.

    3. A big Christmas get-together in the USA means certain shows and songs are played throughout the gathering and ioT programmable technology can assist in having the shows and music played at intervals that are chosen beforehand. The Wi-Fi technology offered with ioT will keep all guests happy without the host and hostess running themselves ragged.

    4. Electricity has approximately doubled in the USA in the past month with the prices being doubled per kilowatt-hour. This of course will impact the electricity costs of a large Christmas gathering. Temperature control of rooms can be accomplished with Bluetooth and sensor devices in ioT technology.

    5. This year more homes than ever are experiencing home invasions and ioT can assist in the more advanced screening of those both inside the home and outside it, as large gatherings usually bring unexpected guests, aka, individuals that appear outside a home and try to break into vehicles. This leaves a homeowner wondering if anything is being stolen.

    6. Since food scarcity exists especially on holiday foods, Santa and his elves are very disappointed this year that some guests are filling their pockets with the food left on a table, especially the wine and liquor tables. ioT prevents this as small sensors can detect ANY motions of food within the home.

    7. It is customary in the USA for guests to bring uninvited guests but keeping track both inside and outside the home for security reasons is crucial, and ioT beacon technology provides a broader range of motion sensors and monitoring than the usual CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) technology now in use for home security.

    8. Churches this year, because of the strange happenings in the USA are now using more motion monitoring and security devices than before.

    9. Homes are more decorated than ever before and need monitoring continually of the electricity usage because of cost increases but also the American lifestyle that now propels residents into decorating even more than in previous years.

    10. ioT consists of small, handy plugs, devices, and buttons that serve a multitude of uses during the Christmas season of 2021 and are not noticeable to guests because they are discreet. The lighting of all homes inside and out can be monitored continually and effectively.

    11. ioT devices are Wi-Fi dual usage and are simply “plug and play” and can monitor temperatures of foods, and energy usages throughout each entire home.

    12. The ioT devices are moveable and therefore can be placed where young children can access them.

    ioT in home during Christmas 2021


    Christmas 2021 in the USA is Not Over for Months

    As all citizens of the USA know, the Christmas season begins generally around Thanksgiving but does not end until sometime in January, as cultural differences also exist, and two dates for the actual celebration of Christmas exist, with two different calendars used. There is the “more traditional Christmas, with Christmas Eve, on the 24th of December, and Christmas Day on the 25th of December. Following that, however, is the Orthodox Christian Christmas, and this cannot be discounted as many residents in the USA are Orthodox Christian. This dates back centuries and is a form of Catholicism which many in the USA practice.

    The Orthodox Christmas follows the Julian calendar and can be even more of a celebration food-wise and gathering-wise than the more traditional Christmas within the United States. Orthodox 2021 is January 7th and because of its later time of year weather conditions and tracking of energy consumption are more imperative. There are also several days to this celebration and different types of perishable foods, wines, and of course, gifts that are needed.

    Businesses and followers of the Orthodox Christmas calendar in the USA can be counted upon to need ioT technology devices perhaps even more than the traditional Christmas date, and stores do not stop moving freight or selling goods until sometime well into January in the USA. Residents of the USA, facing long dreary winters also keep their lighted decorations up many times until February or longer!

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