MOKOSMART’s IoT plug realize the remote energy management with Nordic Bluetooth LE

MOKOSMART’s IoT plug realize the remote energy management with Nordic Bluetooth LE
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    IoT plug socket

    MOKOSMART has developed many types of wireless plug sockets, including Wifi smart sockets, Bluetooth smart plugs, and the NB-IoT socket that we will mainly introduce today. With more than 16 years of experience in the Internet of things manufacturing industry, we hired 70+ experienced R&D experts, and invest amounts of money in advanced machines, laboratories, and other related production line configurations. More importantly, all of the materials we selected are after considerate selection, and the stability of the supply chain allows us to expand our product lines. We guarantee to provide guarantee for products of high quality, stability, and affordability. Take the Bluetooth plug socket and LTE outlet plug as an example, there are a variety of plug types, and we can support the deployment in multiple countries, our IoT plug can not only support real-time monitoring, remote control switch, scheduled timing, energy consumption, it can also act as a gateway that transfers beacon data to the server. What’s more, there are multiple protection mechanisms inserted to support overload, over-current, over-voltage, and under-voltage protection. An important prerequisite to realizing these functions is that in addition to our strict requirements on our own production conditions and technology, we are also strict in the selection of hardware, and the chips are also from Nordic, the Norwegian fabless semiconductor company.

    Our IoT plug uses the Nordic NRF52 series

    So far, there are several Bluetooth sockets and LTE smart plugs we’ve developed, which are MK117B, MK116B, MK115B, and MK114B. Chips of them belong to the Nordic NRF52 series, among which MK117B and MK117NB use NRF52833, MK116B, MK115B and MK114B use NRF52832. We have been a strategic partner with Nordic for more than a decade and their chips have contributed to the stability of our products. Nordic has been working very well with us by providing SDK, layout precautions, and rapid progress to ensure a quick and stable development of our products.

    Why did we choose Nordic’s chip for our MK117NB LTE-NB smart plug?

    We choose Nordic’s nRF52833 for our MK117NB smart switch socket mainly because of features like the SoC’s powerful performance, generous Flash and RAM memory, and rich peripherals and IO ports, which combine to meet the requirements of different applications. And supports complex application software, including Nordic’s nRF9160 SiP with integrated LTE-M/NB-IoT modem and GNSS to provide NB-IoT wireless connectivity for low power consumption wireless data communication over a cellular IoT network greatly promotes the development of our IoT devices.

    LTE IoT plug socket

    Besides from Bluetooth smart plug, we have other options as well

    Wifi plug

    MK117D, MK117, MK116, MK115, MK112, and MK114 are IoT plug socket that are based on wifi connectivity. They’re similar to Bluetooth outlet in electrical features such as power supply, MCU and thus their application industries are mostly the same.

    LoRa plug

    Our LW005-MP Meter Plug utilizes LoRa technology and can support wide coverage. Factory, agriculture, and hospital are the most classic application scenarios.

    Enterprises can choose IoT plug based on different requirements and applications, you’re also welcome to contact us and we will custom specific solutions for you!

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