By leveraging our expertise in embedded sensors, iot technologies, gateway and custom development, MOKOSmart can offer end-to-end iot service for your project -- from prototype to finished product.

IoT Devices & Sensors

Technologies Connectivity

Our IoT Service

• End-to-End IoT Implementation
• Prototype & Proof of Concept(PoC)
• IoT Consulting & Project Assessment
• IoT Replatforming, Functional and Technical Upgrades
• Troubleshooting of Your Existing IoT Technology
• End-user app ecosystem development

Other Services

• Software Testing
• Technical Support
• Mass Production
• Hardware Connectivity
• Customize Logo&APP
• Firmware Development
• QA and QC examination
• Enclosure Design & Manufacturing
• PCB Design & Assembly & Manufacturing
• Certificate Services(UL,CE,FCC,RoHS,ETL)

IoT Infrastructure

IoT service companies are increasing globally, with analysts anticipating that by the year 2020, between 20 and 50bn gimmicks will be linked up worldwide. It is a centre enabler for a hyper-connected business concern and a primal driver of digital transmutation and business conception.

As the internet of things development services and technology germinates and turns into more mainstream business concern technology, companies will require ensuring the right acquirement within their system to use and deal with this technology. Unfortunately, a deficit of the relevant skills has many arrangements to put their digitalisation projects on hold.
An IoT professional services and solution generally consists of several levels of computer hardware/software system integration:

• Devices & sensors
• Connectivity
• Gateway
• Cloud infrastructure
• Edge computation
• Application program

IoT Services Use Cases


IoT services enabled IoT solutions for the logistics industry that allow for real-time fleet management and increased transportation efficiency: 1.Monitoring cargo in real time 2.Optimization of the Route

Smart Home

IoT services also serves for IoT development services for smart homes & workplaces, which are converting the style that you live your lives:
1.Commanding energy monitoring 2.Managing household appliance 3.Evaluating home circumstances


IoT services grow IoT-enabled applications for the constructing industry that can help the production flow in a factory and IoT automatically monitoring device development cycles:
1.Production flow monitoring 2.Packaging Optimization


IoT services enabled IoT apps for healthcare that provide ease in recording data, to have a better patient care and get patients’ vitals thru IoT devices:
1.Synchronic recording and monitoring
2.Alerts and notifications
3.Contact tracing
4.Data assortment and analysis


IoT technology makes agriculture more intelligent in such areas: 1.Temperature and humidity condition
2.Automation of emissions and greenhouse control
3.Crop management and planning

Retail Store

Some of our IoT services for retail store include:
1.Proximity marketing
2.Marketing analysis


With IoT sensors embedded in a badgets or watch,students and teachers' location can be monitored in real time for smart check-in management.


Government needs IoT technology for city construction:
1.Street and transportation lightig management
2.EV charging monitoring


The tourist industry is swamped with people,it's IoT that improves the efficiency of staffs in tourism:
1.Check-in automatically
2.Asset tracking
3.Tourism publicity and notification

IoT Services Use Cases

Industrial IoT (IIoT) adds machines, cloud computation, analytics, and people jointly to better the execution and productivity of industrialized procedures. With IIoT, industrialized companies can digitalize processes, transmute business concern models, and facilitate performance and productiveness, when diminishing waste


1.Fleet Management:
 • Have smart transportation contracts
 • Supervise your driver’s conduct
 • Supervise the path and site your vehicle
 • Supervise your active consignment

2.Weight Monitoring:
 • Optimize the consignment
 • Plug Profit leaks out
 • Keep off overcharging Fines
 • Eradicate pilferage

3.Last Mile Transportation:
 • Arrange better delivery routes
 • Connected to your clients
 • Track record of mobile proof of delivery
 • Supervise vehicle trips

Oil & Gas & Electricity

1.Leak Detection:
 • Find out line leakage immediately
 • Catch immediate notifications
 • Find out gas leakage anywhere
 • Supervise transport in distant areas

2.Tank Monitoring:
 • Check on oil level
 • Check on water pressure
 • Supervise temperature
 • Check on demand supply

3.Oil Fleet Supervising:
 • Optimize transportation routes
 • Track record position and handle routes of fleets
 • Remotely supervise the carrier weight
 • Supervise the active consignment


1.Smart Reading Solution:
 • Allow flexible billing cycle
 • Eliminate manual reading
 • Water consumption behaviour tracking
 • Optimize demand supply

2.Level Monitoring Solution:
 • Bring down stock handling cost
 • Bring down water wastage
 • Anticipate future water requirement

3.Water Quality Supervising:
 • Measure conduction
 • Measure TDS
 • Measure salinity
 • Measure pH scale

How to deploy IoT in your business?

According to survey results, how do you be sure that your 1st IoT project supports your anticipations? Here are the three things that companies are projecting their 1st IoT project execution.

1. Specify your IoT execution idea and project thoroughly:
IoT project execution is like attending the gym. Almost all of us join with the agitation of finishing results without actualizing how much time and work hard it goes to get there. Thus, pass the good time on the search, projecting, and proof-of-concept stage to decrease the failure rate.

2. Selecting the suitable IoT platform solutions:
The intense need for an IoT platform is to bring objects into cyberspace. Be it a throughout IoT program, a connectivity management program, an IoT cloud program, or an information platform – it must be capable of supporting 100s/1000s/1000000s of device connectors at the same time and permitting you to configure your gimmicks and systems for smooth machine-to-machine transmission easily.
Here are a few points you had better consider based on your demand once analysing IoT platforms:
• Connectivity
• Security and secrecy
• Data admittance
• Hardware
• API accession

3. Building up the 1st IoT prototype:
The evolution of an image permits you to discover the minimal parameters before the entire deployment of your IoT project. A complete picture simulates substantive constituents of the net IoT product.

Choose the right IoT connectivity option

The Internet of Things, a demon technology that merges the practical with the material to propose a more dashing future, keeps appealing to market players and investitures with its boundless potential. Consequently, paying deliberate attention to the excellent choice of connectivity is vital to whatever IoT project’s success as it assists in taking entire command over your bright data flows. There are the following IoT connectivity options:

Elements to be considered

Besides the above, it is as well significant to evaluate the following while choosing the suitable IoT connectivity option:

     • Price: Sounds perceptible, but IoT connectivity results can change a lot in price. It is also crucial to factor out the first set-up costs and the current operating expenses.

     • Your topical system: It is worth assuring whether the system you are working on can back up an IoT connectivity acclivity. A few can be easily amalgamated, saving up your time and money.

     • Scalability: IoT connection is all about the power to scale and future proof your business enterprise—but a few solutions (specified as bound connectivity) are more inflexible than others. So be aware of your future growth plans while picking out an IoT connectivity answer.

     • Deployment position: Be sure you do a full inspection of your location and assure that it is appropriate to work beside your preferred connectivity solution.

Booming IoT projects need in-depth analytic thinking and projecting. MOKOSmart carry through our search and keep sustainable innovation for more industries.