Empower IoT projects with MOKO AT module.
Access LoRaWAN network and extend functionalities.

Modulo AT


Chip LoRa SX1262 e Nordic nRF52832
PEX interface for LoRa antenna
24mm x 19 mm * 2,8 mm

Functions such as data upload and environmental monitoring are required by some IoT projects. Such requirements seems easy as it can be realized by writing the module driver interface and communication logic on apps as long as the API inteface is provided. però,if we are making another new projects with the similar functions,we still need to run through different driver procedures,which makes it seems troublesome. The AT module is based on such problems and can be divided into 3 modes as below:
• AP mode
• STA mode
• AP+STA mode

Taking STA mode as an example, to connect with the cloud server at last, we need to complete the initialization process first, and send the following instructions:
AT+RESTORE\r\n: Module reset
ATE0\r\n: Echo off
AT+CWMODE=1\r\n: Setting up multiple connection
AT+CIPMODE=0\r\n: Disable transparent transmission mode
AT+CIPMUX=1\r\n: Start multi-connection mode
AT+CWJAP=TOS”,”12345678″\r\n: Hot link

After initialization is completed, you can enter the data transmission, connect the server, and then open the transparent mode, into the transparent mode, and then you can send the data directly to the background, at this time you can also read the background message. When we do not need the module, we can also power off the module. Perciò, we can frame the driver process on this basis, questo è, we have interfaces to initialize, connect to the server, send, receive, close and so on.


Patata fritta

Ceramic chip & U.FL (IPEX) connettore

Versione bluetooth

MKL62BA è un modulo nodo LoRaWAN standard progettato e prodotto da MOKO technology Ltd

Protocollo LoRaWAN



2.402 - 2.480 GHz

Gamma di tensione di alimentazione

1.75V a 3,6 V.



Memoria potente

512KB Flash/64KB RAM

Intervallo operativo di temperatura

A partire dal -40 per 85 ℃

Distanza pubblicitaria

Up to 7km advertising distance


34 pin totali


Certificato da FCC, QUESTO, CIRCUITO INTEGRATO, RoHS, Raggiungere