Smart Plug Socket ODM & OEM Solutions

Want to Build Your Own Smart Plug Socket Brand?

MOKOSmart Smart Plug Socket Customized and White-label Program Will Boost Your Project Your Business.

  • Quality Smart Plug Under Your Brand Name and Logo
  • Schematic Design & PCBデザイン
  • ハードウェアR&D and Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Firmware and Software Support: アンドロイド & iOS SDK For Your Software Developing, With/without Your Brand Logo.
  • MOKOSmart Smart Home Cloud Integration, Or Help Connect To Your Own Cloud Server.
  • Original Smart Plug Socket Manufacturer
Smart plug socket

IoT Smart Plug Socket Products

MK100 WiFi Smart Plug

ESP8266 Module

UL, FCC, RoHS Certificate

Offer Android & iOS SDK
MK114 WiFi Smart Outlet

ESP-32 Module

Energy Measurement

Offer Android & iOS SDK
MK114B Bluetooth Smart Plug

NRF52832 Module

Power/Energy Measure

Offer Android & iOS SDK
MK112 WiFi Smart Plug

ESP8266 Module

Energy Measurement

Offer Android & iOS SDK
MK102 WiFi Smart Socket

ESP8266 Module

MQTT, TLS Protocol

Offer Android & iOS SDK
BLE Smart Plug Gateway
MK110 ESP32 BLE Gateway
MK110 ESP32 BLE Gateway
MK103 ESP32 BLEゲートウェイ
MK103 ESP32 BLEゲートウェイ
loT Smart Plug Socket Products

Hardware and Embedded Firmware Engineering Solutions for IOT Plug

MOKO provides one-stop solution for IOT plug, including hardware, firmware, mechanical, package etc. We also specializes in providing complete hardware products to customers, customers responsible for cloud servers and APP parts, and in some programs, MOKO can also provide Demo APP for customer testing or integration. We can customize smart plugs based on WiFi, LoRa, ZigBee, ブルートゥース, GPRS/3G/4G-LTE/, NB-IoT technology.


Solution Application

MOKO could provide different types of plug to apply to your countries. 同時に, we support multiple wireless communication ways and hardware components to meet your needs according to your application scenarios and functional requirements. 例えば, the final product can be a US standard WiFi energy monitoring plug, or it can be an Australian standard Bluetooth & WiFi remote control plug, or it can be a UK gateway plug.

Smart Plug Structure Diagram
Hardware Design for smart plug socket

アイコン ハードウェア設計

  • Schematic design
  • PCB layout
  • AC/DC power and energy monitoring experience
  • State-of-the-art tools and extensive baseband and RF experience
  • アイコン Firmware engineering

  • Supports to connect to multiple cloud platform, Amazon/MS Azure/Google etc.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols, MQTT/HTTP/CoAp/DDS etc.
  • Provide related SDK and configuration app(iOS&Android)
  • 機械設計

    アイコン 機械設計

  • Rich experience in plug and socket design, familiar with the standard for plugs and portable socket-outlet, like UL498/VDE 0620/BS 1363/NFC 61-314 等.
  • Familiar with various materials and process performance, we could provide appropriate design to apply to specific scenarios
  • アイコン Manufacture and assembly

  • SMT production line: 8 SMT production lines, factory area 6000㎡
  • All SMD placements are AOI inspected
  • High-end equipment: YAMAHA/JT, AOI/SPI/XRAY, 等
  • As small as 0.4mm pitch, all BGA placements are X-ray inspected
  • Test engineering:Testing jig/Testing APP/ Connection server test/Function test/Label with MAC address
  • 認証

    アイコン 認証

  • Rich experience on product testing and certification, UL/ETL/CE/FCC/SAA /RoHS etc.
  • Have close contact with certification authority and often participate in training activities
  • Have our own testing equipment that can perform basic pretests to reduce risks
  • Application Scenarios
    Why Choose Our Customization
    and White-label Smart Plug Socket Solutions?

    Want to extend your product line? あなたのパートナーは私たちかもしれません. Here’re the shortcuts to wifi smart socket market that you could benefit from now.Want to extend your product line? あなたのパートナーは私たちかもしれません. Here’re the shortcuts to wifi smart socket market that you could benefit from now.


    他の会社の影の下で働く必要はありません, 自分のブランドを成長させることを禁止する. 当社のホワイトラベルソリューションでは、すべての製品を独自のブランド名で販売できます.


    はい, you can dive right into the smart home market instantly while free of entailing a considerable financial investment.

    Control your own customer
    Control your own customer

    あなたはあなたのクライアントを完全にコントロールし続けます, 自分の価格を設定できる, 顧客の要求に合わせて製品をバンドルし、すべての顧客との密接な関係を拡大する.


    長いリードタイムをなくし、製品開発コストを大幅に削減または排除します. だからあなたは大きな節約をしてからもっとお金を稼ぐ.


    中国の深センに製造施設があります。, we have expert technical team in office who concentrates on product R&IoTデバイスのD. あなたの次のパートナーは私たちかもしれません! 私たちはあなたのプロジェクトをもたらす準備ができています, あなたのビジネスを次のレベルに.