MOKOSmart's LoRa devices include tracker, sensor and plug that cover the Industrial, Scientific and Medical band radio frequency spectrum from sub-GHz up to 2.4GHz.

LoRaWAN Trackers from MOKOSmart are built around low power LoRa module and support multiple location technologies such as Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS. It is suited for IoT applications such as smart vehicle managemen, location-based services and asset tracking.

LoRaWAN sensors are wireless devices that gather sensory information from their surroundings and detect irregular changes in the environment, such as location, temperature, and motion. These monitoring devices are designed to interact with gateways, servers and central hubs through nodes organized to support the user’s individualized network goals.

LoRaWAN plug is a LoRaWAN Class C smart device that monitors and controls plugged equipment. It can be used for monitoring power consumption and remotely managing electrical appliances in commercial applications such as smart buildings as well as domestic environments.

Product Features

Multiple Sensors Integrated

Sensors can be added as per different application

Ultra Low Power

Prolonged battery lifetime of up to 10 years

Low Cost

Low connectivity, easy installation, no battery replacement cost

Wide Coverage Range

Up to 30 miles long range in indoor & outdoor


Embedded end-to-end AES-128 encryption of data

Unlicensed Frequency Bands

No licensing fees are necessary

Low Bandwidth

Ideal for technologies with low data rates

High Capacity

Supports millions of messages per base station

Where Can Our LoRa Devices Be Used

Smart City

LoRaWAN IoT sensors make smart cities possible with a way to light up streets, monitor public transport and facilitate cost-effective urban services.

Smart Healthcare

LoRaWAN sensors monitor assets and optimize workflows, and maintain facility environments to provide the most efficient and safest patient care.

Smart Home

LoRa devices connect various home applications to accurately monitor real-time data and create smart homes and buildings.

Real Estate

Lora-based product enable enhanced data monitoring to reduce energy use, help prevent property damage, and attract and retain tenants.

Smart Agriculture

LoRaWAN sensors are widely used to monitor ground conditions and livestock health, so as to ensure efficient production.

Smart Industrial

Warehouses, factories and other industrial facilities use LoRaWAN sensors to track machine function, air conditions and energy use to minimize on-site costs.


The LoRaWAN agreement can be used for energy display asset safety and operations to improve retail profitability and security.


LoRaWAN sensors offer visibility for warehouse operations and fleet maintenance, and it can also track assets and monitor container conditions.

Gas, Oil, and Mining

LoRaWAN technology helps mining, gas and oil companies ensure that work site conditions are safe for workers. They are also used to track leakage, temperature, and workers’ location.

From End Nodes to Applications Accelerate The Time to Market!

Nodes: Edge devices or sensors that retrieve information and send it to the gateway through their embedded LoRaWAN communication capabilities.
Gateways: Collects or concentrates data from several end nodes and then forward the data to the LoRaWAN server for processing.
LoRaWAN Web server: Receives information forwarded by the gateway and sends it to the appropriate application, and vice versa.
Application Server: Integrated software that runs and executes decisions, data visualizations, events, and collected information.

Why Choose Our LoRa Devices

Custom Solution

Hardware, firmware, APP and structure can be custom as per your application.

White-label Solution

Use custom package, label and logo to help you build your brand.

Robust Manufacturing System

Rich experience in PCBA and PCB manufacturing. Reliability and aging testing ensures the output quality.

Multiple Certifications

Certified by FCC, UL, CE, SAA,etc. Custom certification is supported.