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MOKO BLE to WIFI (Dual Band) Gateway Plug

Rated Current
• US type rated 15A         • UK type rated 13A         • EU/FRA type rated 16A

Rated Current
• US type rated 15A
• UK type rated 13A
• EU/FRA type rated 16A

• FCC& CE certified         • Other certificates service can be offered 

• FCC& CE certified
• Other certificates service can be offered 

• Supports 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wi-Fi
• Can be integrated to work with your own server for further development application
• Schematic diagram can be provided for free to help you quickly develop your own firmware
• Android& IOS APP code is open to the world and give everyone the opportunity to use them easily under your brand

Brief Introduction

MK107D is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to WiFi gateway that can relay data between Beacons and your cloud server. It provides a low-cost method to transmit the information of beacons via 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz Wi-Fi to the server such as EMQTT, Mosquito, and other your own cloud servers. It also can work with AWS iot, Aliyun iot, conveniently and quickly help you integrate the development to your IOT system. MK107D realizes a simple and effective way to monitor your beacon and sensors for centralized asset tracking, real-time status monitoring, and indoor location services.

MK107D gateway is an AC power supply device suitable for many countries. It always maintains AC output when working, and can supply power to your other electrical equipment. Both working at the same time without taking up more outlet.

BLE + 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi

Real-Time Scanning

Easy installation




• Easily deployed
• Compatible BLE 4.2 & 2.4Ghz WIFI
• iBeacon, Eddystone, and all types of BLE4.2 tags supported
• Scanning coverage over 100 meters
• Scanning up to 150 Bluetooth data per second
• Scanning target BLE tag data/ upload un-repeating data can
be configured through mobile APP or your cloud server



• Over 100 meters scanning range
• Supports iBeacon, Eddystone and all types of BLE 4.2 tags scanned

Data Filter

• Filter target data by multiple rules, such as RSSI, Mac address, beacon name and etc.
• Filter target data by beacon types, such as iBeacon, Eddystone(UID, URL, TLM) , and all MOKO beacon types
• Filter duplicate data by multiple rules, only reports one of the duplicate data to your server

Data Decoding

• Supports iBeacon, Eddystone(UID, URL, TLM) raw data decoding
• Supports all types of MOKO beacon raw data decoding, you can obtain the desirable information directly

Internal Details

High-end quality ensures electrical safety, multiple safety guarantees help minimize burning hazards.
• PC+ABS Flame-Retardant Material             • Childproof Design             •CE/FCC Certified

High-end quality ensures electrical safety, multiple safety guarantees help minimize burning hazards.
• PC+ABS Flame-Retardant Material
• Childproof Design
•CE/FCC Certified

Designed for compatibility, make it possible with more wireless communication way, also supports assembly of different communication modules.

It only shows the exploded drawing of US type


Technical Description

Power Supply

100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz

Output Capacity

EU/FR: 16A
US: 15A
UK: 13A


1* Reset button


1*Device status indicator

Dimensions(H X W X D)


Operating Humidity

0%~95% (No condensation)

Operating Temperature

0 ºC ~ 40 ºC

Storage Temperature

-10°C ~ 50°C

Plug Type


Hardware Details

If MOKO’s standard firmware is not suitable for your application, MOKO also support you develop your own firmware based on MOKO hardware
Flexible layout method, can quickly replace wireless communication modules according to your scenarios,such as Zigbee, Zwave, LoRa and etc.
Support the assembly of different communication modules:
>WIFI and Bluetooth two-in-one module
>Separate 2.4GHz WIFI module and BLE 4.2/ 5.0 module
>Separate Dual-Band WIFI module and BLE 4.2/ 5.0 module
>Flexible combination of other communication modules
2*RGB LED on PCB board, can be flexibly applied to define various instructions
Built-in 4K Byte EEPROM used for custom applications
Design strictly follow certification standards

EU Standards:
LVD: VDE 0620/BS 1363/NFC 61-314/EN 62368
EMC: EN 301 489-1& -17
RF: EN300 328/EN 301 893
Health: EN 62311

US Standards:
LVD: UL 498A & UL 62368
EMC& RF: FCC Part 15C & FCC Part 15E

MOKO Service

MOKO provides one-stop service from design to production. According to your needs, MOKO support different and flexible cooperation methods to complete the project and product efficiently.

More Options for OEM&ODM Service

Manufactured according to your design file

Cooperate with MOKO to develop new products,so that design and manufacturing experience can be quickly applied to your own special application

Flash your own firmware based on MOKO standard hardware
>Schematic diagram for free 

Directly use of MOKO standard products, can be quickly integrated and marketed
>APP code for free