MOKOSmart H2 Beacon

  • Indoor Location Service
  • 80m range broadcasting
  • Waterproof with IP65
  • Eddystone & iBeacon supported
  • OTA support for firmware upgrading

Efficient Smart Exhibition

  • Publishing exhibition information conveniently
  • Having the information of exhibitors easily
  • Enhancing the Exhibition level of digital information

H2 Beacon Features

  • Support standard iBeacon broadcasting protocol of Apple company.
  • iBeacon and Eddystone broadcasting at the same time
  • Support 5 URLs broadcasting
  • Support standard Eddystone protocol of Google(If needed, please contact us, will add this feature for you).
  • Support dynamic modification of UUID, Major/Minor ID, URL, UID, TLM, etc.
  • Support Wechat interface and shake access.
  • Support iOS 7.0, Android 4.3 or above.

Support Wechat interface and shake access

Wide range of applications

Superstore, theater, airport, exhibition center, museum, etc. Even more use cases for you to discover.

H2 Beacon Specs

  • Dimensions: Φ48*14mm Weight: 21g
  • Enclosure material: rainproof IP65
  • Bluetooth chip: Nordic NRF52832
  • Bluetooth range: 80m(in the open air)
  • Broadcasting Interval: 100-1000ms(Default:500ms)
  • Broadcasting Power: -30 to ~ 4dBm(default:0dBm)
  • Battery type: CR2477, 1000mAh, 3V (replaceable)
  • Supporting device: iOS 7.0+ Android 4.3+ (Mobile phone can support BLE4.0)

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