MOKOSmart H3 Beacon

  • 100m(~328 feet) Long range
  • iBeacon and Eddystone in one device
  • Credit-card-sized iBeacon
  • Super energy-efficient 3-year battery life
  • OTA support for firmware support

H3 Beacon Features

  • Support standard Apple iBeacon broadcasting protocol
  • Support standard Google Eddystone protocol.
  • Support dynamic modification of UUID, Major/Minor ID, URL, UID, TLM, etc.
  • Support Wechat interface and shake access.
  • Support OSs including iOS7.0+, Android 4.3+.
  • iBeacon and Eddystone broadcasting at the same time
  • Support 5 URLs broadcasting

MOKOSmart H3 Beacon Specs

  • Dimensions: 85.5 * 54 * 4 mm
  • Weight: 18g
  • Enclosure type: IP66 waterproof
  • Bluetooth chip: Nordic NRF52832 64K RAM, 512K Flash)
  • Indicator: RGB LED
  • Bluetooth range: 100m(in the open air)
  • Broadcasting Interval: 100-1000ms(Default:500ms)
  • Broadcasting Power: -30 to ~ 4dBm(default:0dBm)
  • Battery type: CP224147, 750mAh, 3V Lithium Polymer battery
  • Supporting device: iOS 7.0+ Android 4.3+(Mobile phone can support Bluetooth v4.0+)

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