Enjoy end-to-end tracking and real-time alerts that keep your shipments chilled perfectly from start to finish.

Deliver temperature-sensitive cargo with care and speed

Cold chain technology is now more vital since there is an increasing demand for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive goods and medicines. Breaks in the cold chain can lead to spoilage and waste of quality fresh products.

MOKOSmart provides IoT solutions to monitor your cold chain logistics in real time. Our Bluetooth beacons and LoRaWAN technology track the status of refrigerated goods from farm to supermarket. Whether produce, vlees, medicine, or others, we help ensure integrity at every stage.

Cold chain process
Features of Cold Chain Solution of MOKOSmart

Features of Smart Cold Chain Solution

Get peace of mind knowing your temperature-sensitive cargo is protected with our cold chain monitoring solutions. De belangrijkste kenmerken zijn onder meer:

• Real-time tracking of temperature, plaats, vochtigheid, enzovoort.
• Enhanced security through door open detection
• Shock, impact, and tilt monitoring to detect mishandling
• Automatic alerts for temperature excursions or delays
• Customizable rules and notifications
• Remote access to sensor data and analytics dashboard
• Rugged, compact, east-to-install sensors with long battery life

How Does Cold Chain Solution Work

The main aim of cold chain IoT solutions is to ensure that the quality of products is not compromised as the products move through the supply chains. Daarom, dit wordt bereikt door een constante temperatuur aan te houden. Smart cool chain solutions help monitor and log in the cold chain data and temperatures, waardoor wordt voorkomen dat de producten en verpakkingen worden gecompromitteerd voordat de eindverbruiker ze ontvangt.

typische applicaties

Cold Chain Solution in Food Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain

  • Ensure optimal temperatures during transport and storage
  • Prevent spoilage and waste
  • Comply with food safety regulations
Cold Chain Solution in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Protect drugs, vaccines, biologics from temperature damage
  • Maintain drug efficacy and patient safety
  • Prevent costly losses from wasted meds
Cold Chain Solution in Manufacturing


  • Monitor temp-controlled environments like cleanrooms
  • Verify equipment maintains proper temperatures
  • Prevent disruptions from temp fluctuations

Why Work With MOKO for Cold Chain Solution

Real-time Monitoring

Get real-time tracking and monitoring to quickly catch any cold chain issues.

Prevent Losses

MOKO solutions maintain optimal temperatures, preventing product spoilage and financial losses.

Boost Quality & Safety

Improve food quality, veiligheid, and customer satisfaction through cold chain control.

Lengthen Shelf Life

Our optimized temperature management extends your product's shelf life.

Data Insights

Gain data-driven insights for optimization, informed decisions, and supply chain enhancements.

Customizable Offerings

We provide customizable firmware, branding, and solutions tailored to your needs.

Cold Chain Monitoring Devices

Temperature Humidity Sensor

H4 T&H Sensor

• 0.3℃ and 2% RH high accuracy
• -20℃-60℃ temperature range

H4 Pro T&H Sensor

• 0.3℃ and 2% RH high accuracy
• IP66 with external sensor

M2 Sensor

• 100000+ gegevens, IP67 rating
• Vervangbare batterij, 5 jaar

L02S Conditiesensor

• IP67, rotating replaceable battery
• All-in-one sensor monitoring

IoT Tracker

LW001 LoRaWAN Tracker

• 4000mAh, IP67 waterdicht
• GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth-positionering

LW008 Small Tracker

• compact en IP67 waterdicht
• Ondersteuning van magnetische zuigkracht

AT001 Activa-tracker

• IP68 waterdicht, magnetische zuigkracht
• 7800mAh-batterij

VT001 Voertuigtracker

• Ondersteuning van een wereldwijd netwerk
• Compact en eenvoudig te installeren


LW003-B LoRaWAN® Bluetooth-gateway

LW003 Buletooth Gateway

• Bluetooth LoRaWAN integration
• Multiple scanning strategies

MKGW2-LW LoRaWAN-gateway

MKGW2 LoRaWAN-gateway

• Rechargeable Li-ion battery
• Up to 5 km range

Veelgestelde vragen

– Barcodes: Visual machine-readable tags on packages that encode product data.
– RFID: Radio wave identifiable circuitry tags for real-time tracking.
– BLE-bakens: Bluetooth tags with built-in batteries and long ranges.
– NFC: Short-range tracking tags using high-frequency bandwidth.
– Sensoren: Provide real-time temperature, vochtigheid, shock data.
– GPS: Pinpoints exact locations during transport.
– Gateways: Relay sensor data to the cloud.

Het koudeketenproces heeft verschillende punten waar het product doorheen gaat. In elke fase, de vereiste ingestelde temperaturen moeten altijd worden aangehouden. Het IoT-cold chain-proces is zoals hieronder weergegeven::
Supply ProcurementTransportStorageTransportEnd Customer
Cold chain monitoring solutions have some added links in the Cold Chain Pharma Solutions, as products are delivered to healthcare facilities before reaching the end consumer.

MOKOSmart cold chain solutions effectively help businesses stay compliant, attain product quality, and connect operations. We provide cold chain sensors for cool chain services of manufacturing, magazijnen, and shipping.
Ook, our wireless trackers with temperature sensors track cold chains on trucks, containers, freezers, en magazijnen, providing you with end-to-end visibility throughout the whole supply chain.

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