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ESP32 WiFi Smart Plug in

  • Measures Active Power Consumption
  • Power Measuring Accuracy is ±0.5% for Loads Greater Than 5W
  • Built-in ESP32 module
  • Tilbyr IOS & Android SDK for Your APP Development
  • Provides power metering SDK Your Firmware Development
  • Schematic Diagrams are Available Your Firmware Develop
  • CE/ETL/FCC/RoHS Certificates

MK114 is a smart plug in energy monitor that can accumulate energy consumption(metering active power consumption; MK114 measurement accuracy is very reliable).

The MK114 Wi-Fi energy monitor plug can be used for smart home energy monitoring. It can save electricity to help you to save money. There are power guzzlers in every household that go about their business unnoticed, such as the old electric cooker, the TV in stand-by mode, and illumination with conventional light bulbs.

This product also can be used in energy management, such as with a smart charging pile and a smart meter. MK114 can accurately count the electricity so that you can accurately collect electricity bills for your management.

The MK114 wireless energy monitor plug also can turn your typical electrical device into a smart, kontrollerbar, and multi-functional device.

Compared to MOKO MK112, MK114 has active power measuring accuracy. The active power measuring accuracy is ±0.5% for loads greater than 5W.

We can customize the case, maskinvare, and firmware according to your requirements, and also provide the schematic diagrams for your firmware development, as well as SDK for your software development.

  • Built-in ESP32 module
  • Remote control appliance power ON/OFF on APP
  • Active power measuring accuracy is ±0.5% for loads greater than 5W
  • Measures active power consumption
  • Tilbyr kraftmåling SDK for kunder å utvikle fastvare
  • Built-in MOKO standard firmware
  • Støtte -API for utvikling av APP
  • Fastvareoppdatering Over The Air (OTA)
  • Skjematiske diagrammer er tilgjengelige for kunder å utvikle firmware
  • Støtter tilpasset maskinvare med Zigbee, Z-bølge , Bluetooth og annen trådløs type
Trådløs type: WiFi
Inngangsspenning: 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz
Maksimal belastning: 16EN
Driftstemperatur: 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC ( 32° F til 104 ° F )
Driftsfuktighet: 10%~ 90%, Ikke-kondenserende
Plug Type: USA/EU/Storbritannia/AU/FR
Dimensjon: 110 x 62 x 67 mm
Sertifisering: CE/ETL/FCC/RoHS
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How MK114 esp32 smart plug in energy monitor works

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