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Beacon Real Estate помогает вам во многих приложениях

Beacon Real Estate

Beacon real estate is a relatively new concept that involves the use of Bluetooth beacons for real estate dealings. Bluetooth beacons are very small devices that run on BLE (Bluetooth…

How to use Bluetooth Beacon Eddystone

Eddystone is one of the remarkable beacon format developed by Google. It is a powerful, transparent and open-source beacon format and is available for both iOS and Android devices. это…

How Can Beacon Asset Tracking Helps You?

How can beacon asset tracking helps you?

Background on beacon asset tracking Before we start talking about beacon asset tracking, let’s understand what is an asset in this context. Assets are equipment or items owned by a

Location Positioning:Bluetooth Location Beacon

Guide on Bluetooth location beacon A Bluetooth location beacon is basically a small Bluetooth radio transmitter that is powered by batteries. These are analogical to the functionality of a lighthouse….