• First, press the power button for over 3 seconds to turn on your Bluetooth beacon.
  • Second, Search Beaconset+ in Google Play(for iOS, search Beaconset+ in Apple store instead),  download and install.
  • Open Beaconset+ app, the app requires location permission, make sure your phone’s Location service is on.

Back to Beaconset+ app screen, the app automatically searches and display all the BLE beacon devices nearby.

Choose the device you are going to set according to the MAC. You can easily check the MAC by the label stuck on the beacon body. In my case the MAC is AC233F22FE90.

Next, you will see the control panel for your beacon.

General Setting

There are Power Off, Remove Password, Modify Password buttons for you to operate your beacon.

Setting for iBeacon

Switch to SLOT1 iBeacon

You can set your UUID, Major, Minor as you want. To adjust the broadcast range. Change RadioTxpower.

RadioTxpower (aka: Broadcasting Power) is the power with which the beacon broadcasts its signal. In MOKOSmart Beacons, you can change it with the app. The value ranges from -40 dBm to +4 dBm.

Adv Interval(Advertising Interval) for you to adjust the interval of broadcasting.

Beacons do not broadcast constantly. They ‘blink’ instead. Advertising Interval describes the time between each blink. Just as with Broadcasting Power, Advertising Interval on beacons can be adjusted with our app. The value ranges between 100 ms and 5000 ms. The shorter the interval is, the more stable the signal is, the more battery life will be consumed. Keep in mind that adjusting Advertising Interval significantly impacts the battery life.

RSSI Adjustment

RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator. It is the strength of the beacon’s signal as seen on the receiving device, e.g. a smartphone. RSSI is used to approximate the distance between the device and the beacon.

Then click the Save icon on the top right to apply the changes.

Setting for Eddystone

To set Eddystone UID, switch SLOT2 UID.

To set Eddystone URL, switch to SLOT3 URL

To set Eddystone TLM, switch to SLOT4 TLM 

Then click the Save icon on the top right to apply the changes. Soon My Google Nearby notifies me about the URL I just set.

If any further question, please feedback. Thanks!