Long distance low power module based on TI CC2642

TI CC2642 Module


PCB Antenna
25 x 17x 2.8mm

Modules based on TI low power CC2642R SoC integrates a 48 MHz, 352 KB of in-system programmable flash memory, 256 KB of ROM, 8 KB of cache SRAM, and 80 KB of ultra-low leak SRAM. Its ARM®Cortex®-M4F core application processor can operate in flexible power mode at extremely low current. Its 2.4ghz RF transceiver is compatible with Bluetooth 5 low power. It has the characteristics of strong connection distance, strong reliability and small volume.



Built in TI CC2642 Module

Bluetooth 5.2

Support Bluetooth mesh direction finding/AoA advertising extensions


2360MHz - 2500Mhz

Supply voltage range

1.8 V to 3.8 V

Core CPU

48 MHz ARM® Cortex-M4F CPU

Powerful memory

352KB Flash/256KB ROM/8KB Cache SRAM/80KB ultra-low leakage SRAM

Operating temperature range

From -40 to 85 ℃(Can be extended from -40 to +105°C)

Advertsing distance

Up to 120 meters advertising distance


1 Mbps, 2 Mbps

Various configurable interfaces


Application design

Utilize Nordic SDK directly


Certified by FCC, CE, IC, RoHS, Reach