Using IoT in Black Friday to Improve the Customer’s Experience

Using IoT in Black Friday to Improve the Customer’s Experience
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    Using IoT in Black Friday to Improve the Customer’s Experience

    Internet of Things is creeping its way into practically every aspect of our lives, making things better, and Black Friday is no better. Look at how IOT in Black Friday can help make the shopping experience better.

    What Is Black Friday?

    Right after Thanksgiving day, comes the Black Friday, popularly known all over the world as the Black Friday. It’s the mega shopping day not only in the US but in most parts of the globe. As a matter of fact, Black Friday is stated as a public holiday in more than 20 states. It marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday shopping time all over the globe. This day has become such a big deal that it lead to retailers pushing the singular day to a full weekend event, giving birth to other shopping events, such as Small Business Saturday, which encourages people to continue shopping after Friday. And Cyber Monday, which is an online sales event and occurs on the first Monday after Black Friday.

    Today, Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days in all of the USA, earning retailers approximately 30 to 40% of their annual revenue in just one weekend. And it comes as no surprise, that retailers are making a lot of profits, on Black Friday, considering the huge numbers that stream into malls and shops to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. However, this frenzy can prove very stressful for most retailers as they try to keep their customers satisfied and safe. It is not uncommon for customers and retail staff alike to get hurt during the craziness of the Black Friday. This is where IoT devices come in. Using IoT in Black Friday can assist retail managers in making Black Friday a less stressful day, so they can concentrate on ensuring customer satisfaction and creating profits.

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    How IoT in Black Friday Can Help Make your Shopping Experience Better?

    Issues with supply chains and inventory management can turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday into a retailer’s nightmare. With offline shopping, retailers have to deal with long queues, unsatisfied, and, in some cases, rowdy customers, and cash flows. On offline shopping, e-commerce shops have to worry about sites being slower than usual or crashing altogether due to the increased traffic. However, MOKOSmart in collaboration with IOT in Black Friday can help improve some of the challenges that come with shopping on one of the busiest shopping days in the world.

    1. Smart Inventory Management

    One of the biggest sectors that IoT devices can help to streamline Black Friday shopping is inventory. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer on Black Friday waiting in line all night, to only find out that the product they wanted is out of stock. Retail shops can use IoT sensors to record smart inventory. The IoT sensors can notify when their stock is going low, allowing them to replace them on time.

    Smart Inventory Management

    2. Location Monitoring of Customers

    The IoT devices can also be used to conduct location monitoring, to figure out which areas the customer is concentrating on most, and the products they want most.
    Furthermore, with location monitoring, retailers can easily track how many customers are in a shop at once, helping to prevent having excess customers in a store at once for safety reasons.

    Timely Product Delivery

    3. Timely Product Delivery

    IoT in Black Friday can also make product deliveries more efficient. You see, with or MOKO IoT sensors, companies can track products in real-time, allowing them to be aware of where the product is in real-time. Furthermore, some of our IoT devices, such as this LoRaWAN sensor can help track the state of perishable products that retailers are transporting.

    Location Monitoring of Customers - IoT

    4. Proximity Marketing

    Another IoT device that can become useful for Black Friday is a Bluetooth Beacon. A BLE beacon allows retailers to conduct proximity marketing. Bluetooth beacons broadcast a radio signal that another Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone can detect when in proximity with the Bluetooth Beacon. Retail stores that are taking advantage of proximity marketing are learning with Bluetooth beacons, they can give their customers more information on the products in their store. They can help them find products in a store, which on a hectic Black Friday can be a real-time saver. Furthermore, Bluetooth beacons can help inform them of sales and discounts tailored specifically to them.

    Proximity Marketing - IoT

    In conclusion, taking advantage of some of the IoT devices offered by MOKOSmart can help retailers make Black Friday a seamless shopping experience. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now and we’ll take you through our top IoT products to make your customers’ shopping great!

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