About MOKOSmart White-label Solution

MOKOSmart white-label(aka private-label) solution offers a range of white label products for the global dispositivo na'at mercado. Bejla'e', our product line includes rastreadores fitness, Dispositivos domésticos u inteligentes, bluetooth beacons and Bluetooth modules. The following explains why you next partnership could be white-label.

Based on circuit board design & Mfg.

White-label Solutions Comes

Bluetooth Proximity Beacons

Bluetooth Modules

Fitness Tracker Solution

  • Personalización marca. Beet a tia'al.
  • Diseño & Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Custom Product Features & Mobile APP
  • Certified Quality Products. Wholesale Price.
Kan uláak' ba'alo'ob

Solución utia'al u wotoch na'at

Smart Plugs & Sockets

Smart Power Switch