信标: 一个SDK主宰他们都.

信标: 一个SDK主宰他们都.

走, 劳尔, but did not you say that the Ibeacons aka Beacons saw it as a hype for this year? 是, 虽然我可以随时去错, 我不是大师.

所以 … 关于信标的文章的标题? Well nothing, 都在变化的反射, 曲折运动,我看到这个行业是有,我认为这是有趣的整理在我的头上,因此, 打哈欠, 这就是这个博客是 …

好, 劳尔·塞拉皮奥, 告诉我们 .. 你有什么观察对标? Let’s go to the mess: A clear summary of the article written by my partner Fede Paredes for our company Neuromobile and that explains perfectly what a beacon is and what it can be used in the retail sectors, shopping centers

  • A beacon is a beacon that sends an identifier, it does not carry content. Example: 零售灯塔-1
  • 在你的手机有一个应用程序,确定了该信标时知道它必须证明:
    • 哦, 我的手机, which has to carry the Bluetooth on, 已确定SuperRetail莫达店内零售-1标, which also has its app installed.
  • 该应用程序着眼于自身,并说:
    • 哦, 零售-1信标并且是该移动简档x的 (以前都好编程), I have to show this offer.
  • 但, 手机振动, the client starts with surprise and pleasantly discovers that she has the offer she was looking for at the time she was looking for.


在文章菲德, the technical and functional limitations that beacons have and that many do not count are also very well explained, 但必须考虑到.


分析人士预测,世界将充满ibeacons无处不在, 他们在这里留下来,侵入世界, 成为零售的完美工具,用户将很高兴与他们的新的购物体验 (或者所以他们说). Throughout the last year, in our company Neuromobile (广告楔) 我们一直在关注公司的直接赌这种技术演进.

The boom of content platforms for ibeacon networks has been brutal , 新的内容管理系统,每天都出现.

让我们来看看这些平台是如何工作的: 他们提供的SDK中的应用介绍, 零售商, 牌, shopping center. An SDK, in broad strokes is a soft that is integrated into the code of our mobile application .

作为一个不同的编程, the user must accept some new permissions about their privacy that in many cases are not necessary for the operation. From this content platform we can add new features to our app when our client approaches an ibeacon:

  • 发送消息.
  • 在炎热的时刻问卷.
  • 图片, 视频.
  • 而其他功能更.

另一方面, 该平台必须收集有关用户的信息:

  • 信标位置,其中用户被激活.
  • 由客户端响应于所述消息.
  • 而根据该平台及其SDK更多数据.

In this way the platform collects hundreds of data from customers who have installed the different apps that have in turn integrated the SDK of a specific platform. We move on to the terrain of analysis and big data, 但是,我们离开另一个时间.

权力的游戏无, 的ibeacons平台.

I already give you the game music of thrones. Hit the play.

在我看来, the business is among the great beacons management platforms, 在它的重现,并为更多的第三方应用程序尽可能安装自己的能力.

“想象一下,安装并嵌入时尚品牌的主要应用程序的SDK, 或银行, 超级市场 … A network of beacons and an SDK to dominate us all , 已安装的SDK中,我们已经安装了数以千计的应用程序的同一家公司. 将有完美 “定义” and segmented. “This is the phrase that my estimable collaborator Ramón Merino let loose one day in a beerstorming. WOW !! It opened my mind!

该报警当局, in the United States it is already beginning to talk about it on a legal level because it allows a unique identifier in many areas of the person who carries the phone, 而唯一标识, 爸爸国家希望它在非私人使用公司

你会告诉我 … 你为什么这么认为这个? Well for the simple reason of reading every day the huge amounts of money or shopping movements that are lifting this type of platform.

对空气的一个问题: 做小平台,有一个地方, 例如, 在国家层面, 它们是什么出来像churros? They are many and with similar services.

当然, the most important thing is to know that these platforms can exploit the data they collect because otherwise, 我没有看到在商业模式任何意义, 这是大数据的一个大的和艰苦的比赛.

什么权限?他们有关于他们的客户’ 数据? I assure you that I do not know until now I have not been able to find the legal conditions of the different platforms. If you can help me, 我很感激.

简而言之, 该iBeacon显示模式, regardless of whether it will meet the expectations for the client and the user lies in the fact that large platforms are able to integrate their SDK into the largest number of third-party apps that are left and that understand that the data may not be yours at all.

与此同时, 我希望看到一个真实而密切的成功故事, that I can enjoy in my person an enrichment in my moment of purchase or visit to a local. That in the end, 这就是它是关于, 是不是? If you have experienced a real case, 请告诉我!




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