Seeking BTLE Technology Support for Your Adult Toy Project?

We’ve helped 100’s of clients with the application of BTLE on adult toys

  • Extensive expertise in Bluetooth Low Energy Technology as a Bluetooth module manufacturer
  • Hardware Engineering service
  • Make APP Customization Easy by offering SDK.

Adult Vibrator Hardware Solution

  • 外型尺寸: Customizable
  • 蓝牙: 低功耗蓝牙 4.0, TICC2640
  • Button: max. 3 buttons supported
  • 发光二极管: Customizable LED light number and color based on customersrequirement
  • Output: 取决于 2 motors, PWM control, and customizable vibration mode
  • 电源供应: integrated power management chip, Real-time power volume display feature

Adult Vibrator Application Solution

  • Built-in multiple vibrating modes available to choose
  • Vibrating mode customization supported
  • Device status report in mobile application
  • Multiple sets of motors asynchronous control supported

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