您在这里是因为您想了解信标营销. 和韩国升级工业物联网和智能芯片制造, beacon marketing utilizes small, low-cost BLE devices called beacons to deliver highly targeted, contextual, and engaging marketing messages directly to consumers’ 智能手机.

Beacon technology has been really popular among marketers since its arrival. According to a prediction by Fortune Business Insights the beacon technology will surpass about $31.61 十亿 2026. So it is pretty safe to say that beacon technology has a lot of potential and is capable of growing in the coming years.

But what exactly is beacon marketing, how does it work? And how to start with beacon marketing to meet your business goals? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details.

What is beacon marketing?

Beacon marketing is a proximity-based marketing technique that leverages beacons – tiny, battery-powered devices that continuously broadcast BLE signals containing unique identifiers and other relevant data. These BLE beacons are strategically placed in physical locations, such as event venues, 零售店, or public spaces. When a customer’s smartphone comes within range of a beacon, it can trigger specific actions, 比如推送通知, location-based offers, or contextual content delivery.

Beacon-based marketing provides companies with an interesting and unique way to interact with their customers. 尤其, 50% 顶部 100 global brands are already using beacons in their stores, and studies show that the number of deployed beacons worldwide has increased to 60 百万 2019.


现在您熟悉了信标技术. 现在让我们看一下这项技术的简要历史.

苹果推出iBeacon作为iOS的一部分 7 在WWDC 2013. 苹果在其安装了信标营销工具 254 在美国开设商店,并开始在店内提供有关不同产品的通知.

在 2014, 梅西百货已安装 4000+ 商店中的信标设备. 此外, Aruba Networks还利用信标实施了室内导航.

在 2015, most downloading apps such as Facebook and Shazam started integrating beacons to enhance their functionality. 同年, Google宣布了与Apple iBeacon竞争的Eddystone.

在 2016, the user needed to download apps to avail of the functionality of the beacon which stopped the popularity of the beacon. 然而, Google took a step and modified beacon technology such that users no longer needed to download any app, resulting in a resurrection in popularity.

信标技术兴起后, Bluetooth states that beacon technology will become the base of the Internet of Things.

Understanding beacon types and standards

市场上有不同类型的信标,例如GeoBeacon, 超音波, 和Wi-Fi意识. 然而, 信标最突出的类型是iBeacon, 涡流石, 和AltBeacon. 让我们来看看一些著名的信标:

  1. 信标 from Apple

这是苹果公司在12月发布的第一个信标 2013. iBeacon is a proprietary protocol in Apple’s ecosystem. It uses low-energy Bluetooth vicinity-detecting technology for the transmission of a universally unique identifier commonly known as UUID. UUID由具有以下内容的字符串组成: 24 用于与已安装的应用进行通信的编号.

  1. 涡流石 来自Google

Google在 2015. It is an open-source protocol compatible with both Android and iOS. 该信标是用于传输三种帧类型的电缆. Google通过利用邻近信标应用程序编程接口来促进不同的企业管理信标.

  1. Radius网络公司的AltBeacon

Radius Networks在此发射了这个信标 2014. It is compatible with different cell phone operating systems. 此外, 它是一个开源信标,为不同的信标应用程序创造了一个开放的市场.

How does beacon marketing work

Beacon marketing operates on the principles of Bluetooth Low Energy (博美) 技术, enabling short-range wireless communication between beacons and smartphones. Here’s how the beacon marketing ecosystem works:

Beacon Deployment: Businesses strategically place BLE beacons in physical locations like stores, sports venues, or public places. These BLE devices continuously broadcast signals containing unique identifiers and data.

Smartphone Detection: When a user with a beacon-enabled mobile app enters the vicinity of a beacon, their smartphone detects and receives the BLE signal from that beacon.

Beacon-enabled App Interaction: The beacon-enabled app on the user’s smartphone processes the received signal data, recognizing the specific beacon’s identifier.

Based on the detected beacon and the user’s context (位置, 优先, 等等), the app triggers predefined actions. This could involve displaying a push notification, launching an in-app experience, or delivering contextual content and location-based offers.

Backend 系统 一体化: A centralized platform or backend system manages the beacons, coordinates their deployment, and facilitates the delivery of targeted content and offers based on the user’s location and other relevant data.


Through this process, businesses can engage customers with personalized, location-aware experiences in real-time. The beacons act as proximity marketing triggers, enabling apps to provide contextual information and promotions tailored to the specific physical environment the customer is in.

What are the benefits of beacon marketing

Beacon marketing offers extensive benefits to businesses and customers by leveraging location-based data and targeted, contextual marketing. Some key advantages include:

  • Boosting in-store sales: Beacons can enhance the retail experience by delivering personalized greetings, targeted coupons, and discount offers to customerssmartphones as they browse in-store.
  • 个性化营销: Big data analytics derived from beacon data allow businesses to create more relevant experiences tailored to customerspreferences and behavior patterns observed in-store.
  • Monitoring promotions: Businesses can track in-app transactions near each location to evaluate the success of their offers and campaigns. The retailer can check which items were sold together on the same shopping trip and see peak checkout times.
  • Gathering feedback: Companies can use beacons to collect customer feedback about their in-store experience while it’s fresh in their minds.
  • Enhancing in-store assistance: By integrating with beacon-enabled apps, customers can easily request in-person assistance from salespeople when needed.
  • Increasing foot traffic: Sending location-based messages to customers near a physical store can effectively drive more visits and potential sales.

Overcoming beacon marketing challenges

Retail was the first sector that adopt beacons and deploy in-store marketing. Over time, 各种营销人员,例如银行, 娱乐场, and restaurants have embraced iBeacon technology. 然而, many brands are still facing different problems in integrating beacons into their mobile strategy.


Poor user experience on beacon-enabled apps

Oho与 35 of the leading beacon CMS and hardware providers. 大多数公司担心糟糕的用户体验.

信标营销就是发送推送通知. 因此,大多数用户会收到不相关的推送通知,这使用户感到头痛, resulting in the uninstallation of apps. These irrelevant push notifications were a basic reason for the drop in app usage.



The possible solution is to set up a management platform like Beaconstac that facilitates you to set a threshold time for a message before triggering via an app. 当用户在特定部分花费特定时间时,应该收到推送通知. 信标应跟踪用户以收集数据,包括停留时间和商店中的特定位置. When data indicates that there are higher chances for the users to buy, beacons should send push notifications at that time. You can set the threshold time at one minute in the Beaconstac dashboard.


决定在特定位置安装多少个信标以减少干扰是另一个问题. 因此, 品牌必须先做出此决定,然后再继续前进. 因此,对于营销人员而言,这确实是一项艰巨的任务.


智能焦点, 全渠道营销商, 提供新型信标. Virtual beacons are AC-powered multi-frequency beacons that are really powerful compared to standard battery-powered beacons.

规格大战 (iBeacon vs. 涡流石)

谷歌和苹果两家巨头公司之间发生了规格之战. Both companies develop different specifications so there is high chance that iBeacons will work only with iOS products and others will work only with Android devices. 这将产生问题,因为企业必须购买, 部署, and manage beacons for each platform.




一些企业需要信标在大范围内广播以收集不同的信息. 您可以通过增加广播功率来增加信标范围. 不幸, 如果您增加信标的广播能力, 他们变得不那么节能, resulting in battery drain.


您可以使用信标来解决此问题. MOKO Technology推出了此解决方案. It is a company that specializes in location-based mobile technology.

Beacon management and maintenance

信标本身并不昂贵. 然而, 管理信标群确实是一项艰巨的任务. 如果您必须在所有商店中部署信标,则管理过程将变得头疼, 跨越不同城市甚至国家.


可以使用不同的平台来帮助您进行信标管理. 这些平台可帮助您检查电池状态, ping时间和其他监控功能.

Proximity beacon marketing vs traditional marketing

与传统营销相比,信标营销是一种更好的策略, especially for businesses operating with limited budgets. Many reasons give beacons priority over traditional marketing, and obviously, the most important reason is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional channels like newspaper ads, TV, and telemarketing that require recurring expenditures, beacon marketing involves a one-time investment in beacons and supporting infrastructure.

此外, beacon marketing provides a personalized experience, mobile-centric culture, 与传统营销相比,具有洞察力的分析和实时结果. 常规媒体无法提供实质性的矩阵来理解广告系列的效果. You are always blank about the total number of people who have seen your ad. 相反, businesses can benefit from data-driven and highly targeted beacon marketing campaigns in the modern retail landscape.

Examples of global brands using beacons for marketing

There is so much happening in the world of beacons. 了解已实施哪些广告系列非常重要. Let’s have a look at some of the global brands that adapt beacons in businesses:


Allrecipes在俄亥俄州Marc杂货店安装了信标. 这些信标会在客户对特定项目感兴趣时向他们建议不同的食谱. 通过使用信标营销,Allrecipes的移动视图每月约有2600万至3590万.


马提尼酒是意大利酒精品牌,已开发出Smart Cube. This cube helps bar owners in efficient crowd management and provides its visitors an unforgettable experience.

iBeacon技术已用于制造智能立方体. 当杯子变空时, 智能立方体将蓝牙文本消息发送到调酒师,并提供确切的位置. So bartenders can easily refill the visitor’s glasses without leaving their seats.

How to add beacons to your marketing strategy

Now you are familiar with the complete workings of beacon marketing. 如何开始信标营销?

首要的, you need to get different beacon hardware. MOKOSmart is the most remarkable and trustworthy site where you can purchase a variety of beacons that meet your requirements. We also facilitate you to customize beacons according to your needs.

配置您的信标: 选择合适的信标后, configure them by setting power levels, broadcast intervals, and frame types. For data advertising with Google’s Eddystone beacons, you can use the Eddystone-EID or Eddystone-UID frame types.

Register Beacons with Google: If using Eddystone beacons, register your beacon ownership with the Google Beacon Registry. You can utilize tools like the Beacon Tools app or the Proximity Beacon API for seamless registration.

Develop Beacon-Enabled App: Create a mobile app compatible with your chosen beacon technology (例如, 涡流石) to detect nearby beacons and trigger desired actions, such as delivering push location-based notifications.


Beacon marketing comes with its own set of challenges – user experience issues, complex deployments, and privacy concerns. 然而, businesses that embrace this technology can reap significant benefits. Partnering with a trusted beacon provider like MOKOSmart can smoothen the integration process. Our customizable beacon solutions and industry expertise can put your business at the forefront.

缺口, 我们 R 中经验丰富的项目经理&D部门, 为MOKOSMART带来丰富的经验, 曾担任比亚迪项目工程师. 他在 R 方面的专业知识&D 为他的物联网项目管理带来了全面的技能. 有着扎实的背景跨越 6 多年项目管理经验并获得 PMP 和 CSPM-2 等认证, 尼克擅长协调销售工作, 工程, 测试, 和营销团队. 参与过的物联网设备项目包括Beacons, LoRa设备, 网关, 和智能插头.
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