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W1 Wearable Beacon

Wearable Beacon/wirstband beacon

  • Can be as a bracelet and keyring
  • Short distance broadcasting with 30m
  • Sono disponibili sensori di movimento e RFID aggiuntivi
  • Compatibile con iBeacon ed Eddystone
    (UID, URL, TLM) allo stesso tempo.
  • Tutti i parametri di questo prodotto possono essere
    modificato tramite configurare APP

 MOKOSmart Beacon


W1 Wearable Beacon is the prime product for providing location-based indoor services and for commercial marketing. It has an ultra-slim design and is highly portable.

This beacon only communicates with those smart devices that are enabled with BLE and have a dedicated app. Quindi, this allows W1 wearable beacon to ensure secure and exclusive communication. It has an external ON/OFF button and it features ultra-low power consumption. Perciò, it features a battery life of over 15 months at default settings. Inoltre, we have a dedicated notification system in place that tells you about battery levels in real-time.

W1 beacon has a dedicated LED which allows us to know when the beacon is in broadcast mode and when it is at rest. The best feature of W1 beacon is that it is compatible with both Android and Apple iOS. Così, W1 can serve as an Omni-solution for all your needs. W1 wearable beacon has a long operational range of over 50 metri. This beacon also has password-protected security features to ensure safe communications.

You can mount it on a silicone wristband or keychain as per your convenience. What’s more, you can also customize the colour of W1, which gives it an aesthetic appeal.


Bluetooth a bassa energia

Chipset a bassissimo consumo energetico serie nRF52

Supporta la trasmissione 5url

androide&SDK IOS fornito

È possibile disattivare il beacon tramite l'app di configurazione

Aggiornamento del firmware Over The Air (OTA)

Logo e colore personalizzabili (MOQ)

Fornito con la propria configurazione (MOQ 50 unità)

100% Parametri configurabili tramite app (androide & iOS)


 MOKOSmart W1 Beacon Wearable Beacon

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