Seeking Proximity iBeacon & Eddystone Beacon Manufacturer?

Our Quality Beacons. Your Brand Name.

  • We design & manufacture iBeacons/Bluetooth Beacons
  • FCC CE certified beacons supporting Eddystone&아이 비콘
  • Programmable beacons & related SDK provided for your development
  • Product customization allowed, like adding motion sensor, different colors, adding logo
  • All the parameters like UUID, major minor, URL can be modified by configuration app.


Wide application: indoor navigation & positioning, broadcasting & marketing your brand. Can be deployed in exhibition, museum, tourism, 공항, shops, stadiums, hotels, and many more. Still, human beings are exploring for more possibilities

STADIUMS-Eddystone and iBeacon

Sending welcome messages, seat maps, and coupons for snacks and sporting goods.

AIRPORTS-Eddystone and iBeacon

Providing flight information, showcase duty-free promotions and special vacation deals.

ibescon eddystone is used in TOURISM & HOTEL

Applied in hotels and holiday villages, which easy for tourists to check in/out, meanwhile help to exhibit their complete facilities and beautiful environment

SHOPPING MALLS-Eddystone and iBeacon

Saving your shopping time, Reminding you anytime about the promotional information, Live Game interaction via APP

Signal output, super stable
Precise antenna design, Reduce RSS interference

iBeacon Design & Mfg Solution
We have a professional engineer team that can provide the complete design for software, hardware, Related SDK and configuration app(iOS&기계적 인조 인간) 또한, we provide private label solution which allows you to buy beacons With Your Logo.

iBeacon Design and Mfg Solution

Beacon with different sensors
We can design the Size, shape, sensor of beacon according to customer’s required feature, such as adding temperature & 습기, motion or accelerometer sensor.

Configure Your Bluetooth beacon for iBeacon and Eddystone Protocols
With our app for android and iOS, it’s quite easy to configure UUID(UID for Eddystone), 주요한, 미성년자, Broadcasting Power, Broadcasting Interval, Eddystone URL, 기타.

mokosmart ibeacon eddystone 비콘 설정 페이지
ibeacon eddystone beacon Configure page

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We have our manufacturing facility located in Shenzhen China, we have expert technical team in office who concentrates on product R&IoT 기기 D. 당신의 다음 파트너는 우리가 될 수 있습니다! 프로젝트를 가져올 준비가되었습니다, your business to next level.

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