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Beacon device & SDK offered for your proximity marketing

  • Eddystone & iBeacon protocols supported
  • Turn-key solution: hardware design & manufacturing + software(providing SDK)
  • Wide application: marketing, indoor navigation & positioning, broadcasting your brand…
  • Highly customizable private-label solution: logo(brand name), sensors, app configuration(UUID, major minor, url) etc.
  • No monthly fee.



Two-way notification

Item tracking, finding

Positioning, navigation

Wechat finding

Remote control camera


Use at exhibition

Used for tourism

Used at museum

MOKOSmart H1 Beacon

MOKOSmart H3 Beacon

MOKOSmart H2 Beacon

MOKOSmart R9 Beacon

MOKOSmart R1 Beacon

MOKOSmart R3 Beacon



Sending welcome messages, seat maps, and coupons for snacks and sporting goods


Providing flight information, showcase duty-free promotions and special vacation deals

Tourism & Hotel

Applied in hotels and holiday villages, which easy for tourists to check in/out, meanwhile help to exhibit their complete facilities and beautiful environment

Shopping Malls

Saving your shopping time, Reminding you anytime about the promotional information, Live Game interaction via APP

Configure Your Bluetooth beacon for iBeacon and Eddystone Protocols

With our app for android and iOS, it's quite easy to configure UUID(UID for Eddystone), Major, Minor, Broadcasting Power, Broadcasting Interval, Eddystone URL, etc.

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