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Over 17+ years of experience combined with an extensive IoT expertise base grant MOKOSmart a large advantage. We are flexible and efficient and can offer end-to-end IoT device solutions in a variety of fields.

Thanks to our broad range of capabilities you can be sure that your IoT products are not only competitive but manufactured with the highest quality.

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End-to-End IoT Product Realization

Industrial design and engineering

PCB and circuit design

Firmware and hardware development

Automated production

In-house manufacturing

Compliance testing

Global supply chain and logistics

Post-production support

Design and Engineering

• Industrial design, PCB layout, circuit design, firmware engineering
• 90+ R&D engineers on staff with extensive experience
• Wireless chipset expertise with Nordic, TI, Silicon Labs, and more
• RF and antenna design expertise
• Low-power application development capabilities
• Power supply and battery optimization know-how

Design and Engineering


• 13000㎡+ manufacturing facility in China
• 6 SMT lines for surface mount production
• 3 DIP production lines
• 5 final product assembly lines
• Utilization of advanced manufacturing technologies
• High-volume production capacity (1M+ unit per year)
• Focus on quality control and process improvement

Tests and Certifications

• ISO9000, ISO13485, BCSI certified facilities
• Professional reliability test engineering team
• Rigorous testing for wireless, radios, RF, EMC, safety, reliability, etc.
• Certification process management of CE, FCC, UL, RoHS, etc.
• Ongoing quality monitoring through production

Tests and Certifications
Global Logistics and Support

Global Logistics and Support

• Order fulfillment and shipping coordination worldwide
• Customs clearance expertise for international shipments
• Supply chain management from manufacturing to delivery
• One-year warranty, firmware updates, technical support, product upgrades, and 24/7 assistance
• Seamless global order processing and after-sales support

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Discover our innovative solutions with IoT, then join our ecosystem to make your ambitious vision a reality. Let’s build the future together.

Indoor&Outdoor Location

Real-time asset and personnel monitoring indoors and outdoors for improved safety, security and efficiency.

Smart Energy Monitoring

Intelligently monitor and manage energy consumption for data-driven efficiency improvements and cost savings.

Asset Tracking Solution

Track assets in real-time throughout their lifecycle to optimize utilization and prevent losses.

Cold Chain Monitoring

Ensure compliance and product quality by monitoring cold chain integrity from transportation to storage.

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