LoRaWAN Trackers: Tracking Your Asset and Target Person Anywhere

Why Choose Our LoRaWAN Tracker?

Wide Coverage

LoRaWAN Tracker can cover up to 60km away in rural or more inaccessible environments, such as dense cities or indoors.

Long battery life

The LoRaWAN Tracker consumes less power than other IoT devices, so its battery life is much longer.

Unauthorized frequency band

The LoRaWAN system operates on unlicensed frequencies, so it does not require licensing fees as it does on licensed cellular bands.

Low bandwidth

The LoRaWAN network operates at very low bandwidth, making it ideal for low-data-rate IoT technologies.

Easy to Deploy

The LoRaWAN system is relatively simple and easy to deploy and set up.

Cost Savings

The LoRaWAN specification provides a lower connection and eliminates the cost of battery replacement.

LoRaWAN Tracker Applications