IoT Sensors

Our multifunction Bluetooth and LoRaWAN wireless IoT sensors enable scalable, efficient data collection and asset monitoring with extreme battery life.

Gain visibility with MOKOSmart IoT sensors

An IoT sensor uses network connectivity to link objects and their environment for real-time analysis and monitoring. MOKOSmart provides wireless sensor solutions for greater visibility into assets, processes, infrastructure health and environments. With diverse sensing capabilities for metrics like temperature, humidity, distance, motion and more, our IoT sensor devices give you greater visibility and insights.

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Browse Our Full Selection of IoT Sensors

T&H Sensor

• -20℃ ~ +60℃ temperature range
• ±0.3℃ accuracy, IPX4
• 2+ years life replaceable battery
• 4000 T&H data log

H4 Pro
T&H Sensor

• -20℃ ~ +60℃
• High sensitivity with ±0.3℃ accuracy
• IPX4 waterproof
• 4000 T&H data log

PIR Presence

• Human presence detection
• 5200mAh, 5+ years life
• 120°horizontal, 60°vertical detection angle
• Multi mounting methods

S02S tof range sensor

TOF Range Sensor

• Time-of-Flight ranging
• IP67, replaceable battery
• 3 meters maximum range
• 10mm magnetic mounting resolution level

S03D door sensor

Door Sensor

• IPX4 waterproof
• Tamper alarm
• Hall effect sensor
• 8+ years replaceable battery (2600mAh)

Condition Sensor

• Temperature/humidity/ door detection/ air pressure options
• -20℃ ~ +60℃
• High accuracy ±0.5℃
• IP67 waterproof

Temperature Humidity Sensor

• -Supports external temperature and humidity probe
• -10℃~50℃
• 12000mAH battery, max 5 years

Motion Sensor

• Occupancy or motion detection
• Door/window status detection
• Highly sensitive temperature and humidity sensor
• Max 5-year lifetime

Parking Sensor

• Compact size and easy to install
• Ultra-low power consumption, 5 years
• Built-in geomagnetic sensor and microwave radar sensor

Explore Our IoT Sensor Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuously track critical metrics like temperature, humidity, motion and more with compact IoT sensors that provide alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Energy Efficient

Battery-powered sensors last for years using low energy wireless protocols and intelligent sleep/wake cycles to maximize battery life.

Plug & Play Installation

Simple to deploy by attaching sensors to assets or infrastructure, allowing remote monitoring without major changes to existing systems.

Wireless Connectivity

Built-in cellular, Bluetooth, or LPWAN radios enable data transmission without cables for flexible asset tracking across facilities.

Rugged & Durable

Robust and waterproof housings developed and tested to withstand harsh environments with reliable performance.

Customizable Alerts

Configure real-time notifications when sensor measurements hit set limits so problems can be rapidly identified.

Over-the-Air Updates

Critical firmware and configuration changes can be deployed to entire fleets of sensors remotely over wireless networks.

Open Integration

Common communication protocols like MQTT, HTTPS simplify connecting sensor data with third-party data platforms and software systems.

Our IoT Sensor Applications

IoT sensor in agriculture monitor environmental condition

Environmental Monitoring

Leverage IoT sensors for real-time tracking of environmental conditions like indoor and outdoor air quality, temperature, humidity, light levels and more.

Space with PIR motion sensor for occupancy detection

Occupancy Detection

Occupancy detection using IoT sensors enables people counting and space utilization analytics. Profile occupancy patterns to optimize scheduling and resources.

Asset tracking sensors tag pallets in a warehouse using IoT technology

Asset Tracking

Use GPS, RFID, and other sensors to track the location and condition of assets. Useful for supply chain, inventory, tools, and fleet management.

Refrigerated truck with sensors monitors cargo cold chain supply

Cold Chain Monitoring

Ensure ideal handling and storage temperatures of perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals with temperature humidity sensors. Prevents spoilage.

Parking lot with vehicle detection sensors monitor empty parking space

Parking Detection

Parking sensors detect available parking spaces and guide drivers to open spots, optimize parking lot usage efficiency.

Office door sensor for door status detection

Door Monitoring

Implement door sensors for door monitoring applications. Track door open/close events, trigger alerts for doors left open and monitor high traffic areas.

Why Choose MOKOSmart IoT Sensors

At MOKOSmart, we don’t just manufacture IoT sensors – we collaborate with you to make your vision a reality. Our custom sensors showcase your brand’s capabilities through specialized integration.

Trustworthy IoT Solutions

With 16+ years of experience developing IoT products, over 1 million devices deployed, and global clients, we are a reliable choice of various IoT sensor types.

Affordable Quality at Scale

By using our established in-house manufacturing capabilities, we produce affordable, high-quality IoT sensors tailored for your specific needs.

Lower Costs, Faster Launch

By leveraging our expertise, infrastructure, and processes, you can save significantly on IoT project costs and time-to-market.

We're Here to Help

Your success matters to us. Our support team is with you each step of the way, providing timely, collaborative assistance to bring your vision to life.

FAQs about IoT Sensors

Yes, we offer customer logo printing, label design services and customized enclosures for OEM applications.

IoT sensor devices can be remotely configured via our APP or the cloud to change device settings, communication patterns, thresholds, alerts, and more.

Yes, most of our sensor models are designed for rugged conditions and IP rated for dust and water ingress protection, enabling indoor, outdoor and industrial monitoring.

Our Bluetooth sensors can transmit up to 150 meters line-of-sight from the gateway, while our LoRaWAN sensors achieve over several km in range. For longer ranges, Adding relays and optimized antennas can further extend the coverage area.

Our battery-powered smart sensor devices last several years on average depending on the sampling and transmission frequency.

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