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Bluetooth Door Sensor

Bluetooth door Sensor is a bluetooth beacon designed for reliable door and window monitoring. With its data logging and real-time alerts, the smart door window sensor detects openings and closings with precision. Enhance security and visibility in various settings such as homes, warehouses, laboratories, and more. The outstanding 2600mAh battery ensures an operational lifespan of over 8 years. Utilizing BLE technology, the device wirelessly transmits status updates to mobile phones for remote monitoring and intelligent notifications. Easy to install on doors, windows, or desk drawers, the BLE door open sensor adds security and automation to your smart IoT system at an affordable price.

Product Features

> Nordic nRF52 series
> IPX4 waterproof
> Maximum transmission range of 150m
> Long operational life of up to 10 years
> Detect the opening/closing status of doors or windows
> Automate scene triggering based on door/window status change
> Real-time alerts and remote push notification
> Smart and nice, small and easy to install everywhere
> Replaceable battery- 2600mAh 1*ER14505
> 100% configurable parameters via App (Android & iOS)

Door Sensor Applications

Bluetooth Door Sensor can be used in home automation

Home Automation

Enhance your smart home security with the door window sensor. Get real-time alerts on your phone, ensuring doors and windows remain secure. Whether it’s detecting unauthorized access or ensuring doors are properly closed, the door sensor enhances the safety of your home and valuables.

Bluetooth Door Sensor can be used in smart healthcare

Smart Healthcare

Embrace a new era of healthcare safety with the bluetooth door sensor. From fire equipment cabinets to infant incubators, it ensures compliance and enhances patient care. Stay one step ahead with instant alarms, monitoring vital areas to promote a secure and hygienic healthcare environment.

Bluetooth Door Sensor can be used in smart building

Smart Building

Improve security and streamline operations in smart buildings with the BLE door sensor. From warehouses and laboratories to collection halls and computer rooms, unlock powerful visibility into door and window status. Enhance access control, detect anomalies, and maintain a secure environment with the door open/closed detector.

Bluetooth Door Sensor can be used in logistics & transportation

Logistics & Transportation

Supercharge your logistics game with the bluetooth door window sensor’s unwavering vigilance. Gain enhanced visibility into trailer and container operations, fortifying cargo security. Stay in control and respond swiftly to unexpected breaches, empowering fleet operators to safeguard valuable shipments on the move.

Technical Description


BLE 4.2


77.5*27.0*24.7 (Body)
40.0*16.0*15.0 (Magnet)








Hall effect sensor

Detection threshold

25mm(1 inch)

Battery Capacity

2600mAh | Replaceable battery

Battery Lifespan

8+ years

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Transmission Range

150m (Open area without obstacles)


3M sticker | Holder with screw


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth


Type Title Date
Product Brief Door Sensor Product Brief_V1.0.pdf 2023-03-29

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