MOKOSmart Revolutionize your
IoT Module Development Experience

Smart modules are enablers of innovation, enabling seamless software, hardware and connectivity integration. Developers can then create IoT devices that are more like consumer electronics. Professional IoT tools and guidance are required if you want to apply smart modules to IoT devices. Wireless modules from MOKOSmart simplify architecture, integrate functionality and quickly scale solutions.

Different markets have different wireless standard options for IoT devices. The MOKOSmart smart module provides multi-standard wireless connectivity and peripherals to support a variety of architectures and applications.

Bluetooth Modules

Bluetooth 5 modules with chipset from Nordic and TI

LoRa Modules

AT modules and RF modules support long
range communication

IoT Module Use Cases

Why You Need IoT Module?

Why Choose MOKOSmart as a Reliable Module Provider?

There are different module solutions and different manufacturers in the market, choosing the best module can make your IoT solution the best in the industry.
We help customers select the best iot modules and connectivity solutions for each IOT use case. MOKOSmart helps simplify and speed up the process of confidence connection by delivering all the components required for IoT connectivity (IoT wireless modules, terminals, embedded systems, ESIM, ODC, etc.).

As a leading module developer,we look at future technology trends to ensure that our products support different IoT network standards during the transition from LTE to 5G network technology, and also allow customers to deploy their products in countries and regions with different levels of network development.

Scalable Connectivity

MOKOSmart has a solution for you no matter what your wireless design needs are. We offer:
• Custom enclosure and product logo
• Firmware and software
• Mobile applications and aggregation
• Custom antenna
• Turn key product manufacturing

Product Customization

High-quality Assurance

Low quality modules are often accompanied by frequent maintenance cost. Hence, you’d better choose a reliable partner. You can count on us as all the chips we’ve sourced are from well-known companies such as Nordic and TI, and we’ve certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, UL,etc.

We are well versed in industry applications and market requirements, you can develop based on our firmware and enjoy our OTA and preconfiguration service, we always ensure that you can rely on advanced technology to shorten the time to develop products.

Support of Hardware and

MOKOSmart has over 16 years of experience in IoT module development. We have professional teams to provide you with:
• Software development tools
• Documentation resources
• Other technical support

Comprehensive Support