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M3 mini Asset Tracking Tag

M3 mini is an advanced Bluetooth asset tracking tag, specifically engineered for industrial applications. With its superior design, the M3 mini offers exceptional structural and installation benefits, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial assets. Its compact size ensures easy deployment, while the built-in magnet guarantees strong adhesion to metal surfaces. Equipped with a large 2600mAh battery, the M3 mini has an ultra-long service life of over 8 years, and its waterproof and anti-collision capabilities allow it to withstand harsh environments. Whether in manufacturing, construction, or warehouses, the M3 mini is the ultimate choice for reliable and precise tracking.

Product Features

> Nordic nRF52 series
> IP67 Waterproof and IK09 anti-collision
> Smaller product size and better application adaptability
> Long operational life of more than 8 years
> Long broadcast distance of up to 150m
> Replaceable battery- 2600mAh 1*ER14505

> High and low temperature resistance (-30°C ~ 80°C)
> Integrated hall sensor for anti-misoperation switch design (optional)
> Embedded 3-axis sensor for power consumption management
> Customizable tamper-proof feature
> Multiple installation options (screws, zip tie, and sticker, and magnetic suction)


Smart Home care

The M3 mini asset tracking tag is applicable in manufacturing operations to track the movement and location of machinery and equipment, as well as raw materials. Its anti-theft alarm and geo-fence alerts can help prevent theft, while its compact size and magnetic suction support make it easy to deploy and attach to a variety of assets.


In construction sites, the M3 mini asset tracking tag can be deployed to track the location of equipment and tools. This can help prevent theft and enable managers to quickly locate and retrieve equipment as needed. The tag’s waterproof and anti-collision capabilities make it suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.


In warehouses, the M3 mini asset tracking tag can be used to track inventory, monitor turnover box utilization, and prevent theft. With its compact size and magnetic suction support, it can be easily deployed and attached to shelves, pallets, and other assets. Its long battery life and robust features also make it suitable for warehouse operations.


It’s easy for the M3 mini asset tracking tag to track the location and movement of livestock in pastures or animals in zoos. Its long battery life, robust housing, and long-range broadcasting make it ideal for outdoor environments. Moreover, it can be easily attached to animal collars or metal structures such as animal enclosures or feeding troughs, helping farmers or zookeepers better manage animals.



BLE 5.0









IP Rating





Accelerometer sensor
Hall effect sensor (Optional)

Battery Capacity

2600mAh | Replaceable battery

Battery Lifespan

8+ years*

Operating Temperature

-30°C to 80°C

Transmission Range

150m (Open area without obstacles)


Screw | Sticker | Zip Tie Magnetic adsorption (Optional)


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth


Type Title Date
Product Brief M3 Mini Product Brief_V1.0_20230225.pdf 2023-03-06

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