LoRaWAN sensors are powerful IoT devices designed for the efficient functioning of LoRaWAN networks. They detect and monitor changes in movement, temperature, humidity, lighting, air quality, and more, collecting sensory information from the environment. These versatile LoRaWAN sensor devices seamlessly interact with gateways, servers, and central hubs via nodes, allowing users to achieve their customized network objectives.

LoRaWAN sensor collects data you need.
The ultra long range enables them to talk to gateways miles away.

Main Functions of LoRaWAN Sensor

Based on standard LoRaWAN Protocol

Firmware update over the air

Support a wide range of up to 7km

Easy deployment and configuration

Ultra-low Power and long battery life

Comply with various certification: CE,FCC, etc

Support pre-configuration of APP and device

Applications of LoRaWAN Sensor