LoRaWAN wireless vehicle detection sensor


LW009 series are LoRaWAN wireless vehicle detection sensors suitable for indoor and outdoor parking detection. It integrates microwave radar and geomagnetic detection technology with advanced signal detection algorithm to accurately realize parking space occupancy detection and parking time statistics. According to the different installation methods, it can be divided into in-ground vehicle detection sensors LW009-IG and surface mount vehicle detectors LW009-SM. When a vehicle pulls into or out of a parking space, the device reports its status to the LoRaWAN gateway. It is powered by a lithium battery and can operate for five years in certain scenarios. Common application scenarios include public parking lots such as industrial parks, on-road parking spaces, community and commercial parking lots.

Product Features

> Compact size and easy to install
> Bluetooth wireless upgrade and calibration
> Parameters can be configured by app via Bluetooth
> Support LoRaWAN long transmission distance: 500m~1000m
> High reliability: the accuracy of dual-mode detection is over 99%
> In built temperature and humidity sensor to measure if the road is frozen (Only for LW009-SM and optional for LW009-IG)
> Different installation: In ground for LW009-IG and surface mounting for LW009-SM
> Ultra-low power consumption of over 5 service years under typical scenarios
> Geomagnetic sensor and microwave radar sensor inserted for parking status detection and regular report
> Abnormal status notification such as Low power prompt, hardware failure warning and strong magnetic interference reminder


The regulation standard of an industrial park parking is also one of the factors affecting the overall image of the enterprise. LW009 wireless vehicle detection sensor can help administrators realize smart parking management and avoid a poor parking experience for customers when they come to the industrial park.

Industrial parks

On road parking management is a project that needs to be paid attention to by the municipal government. Disorderly parking will not only affect the city’s appearance, but also cause traffic jams, which will lead to public complaints. The deployment of a set of wireless vehicle detection system can let the parking manager know the parking status on the roadside in real time, and also avoid people spending a lot of time in looking for parking space.

On road parking space

Parking problem has always been a problem for physical stores and other commercial activities. Good parking management can not only improve customer loyalty, but also solve the pain points of low parking space utilization, poor parking service experience and high operating cost under traditional parking lot management.

Commercial parking slot

Have you ever had a bad day after work because you couldn’t find a parking spot? If so, you’ll be thankful that the community you live in has deployed the wieless detection sensor. With magnetic induction sensor and microwave radar inserted, the parking sensor can detects the parking space status and send report to the server, realize intelligent notification and management.

Community parking slot

Technical Description

LoRa Wireless Specification

LoRa Protocol

LoRaWAN V1.0.3 Class A

LoRa Frequency


Spreading Factor

125 kHz ~ 500 kHz

Tx Power

Max 17dBm


-135 dBm (SF12, 125KHz)

LoRa Communication Distance

Up to 500m ~1000m (Depends on actual environment)


Detection Accuracy



Hall sensor, geomagnetic sensor and microwave radar sensor


Detection Algorithm

Dual mode:
1.3 axis joint detection algorithm

Installation Method

Surface-Mounting Type (LW009-IG)
Flush Type (LW009-SM)

Upgrade Method

Remote Wireless upgrade

State Monitor

Low voltage alarm, Hardware error alarm, Strong magnetic disturbance alarm

Power Supply

Built-in 3.6V Lithium battery, 20Ah(LW009-IG), 38Ah(LW009-SM)

Life Duration

5 years under typical scenarios

Physical Specification

Protection Level



Φ: 202mm, H: 30mm (LW009-IG)
Φ: 130mm, H: 87mm (LW009-SM)


600g (LW009-IG)
800g (LW009-SM)

Force Resistance

10 tons

Application Specification

Power Switch

Wake-up via Bluetooth

Operation Temperature

-40℃ ~ 85℃

Operation Humidity


Environment Requirement

No ferromagnetic materials, No strong magnetic field nearby, No metal shield covers the detector


Type Title Date
Product Specification LW009-SM Specification V1.0-.pdf 2023-03-29
Product Specification LW009-IG Specification V1.1-.pdf 2023-03-29