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IoT technology consulting and one-stop in-house manufacturing

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For our best quality you have chosen us

The best experience in terms of IoT devices, with unique advantages to deliver all services you need.

Extensive IoT Experience

With over 16 years in the industry, we have a proven track record of delivering top-notch IoT solutions to clients worldwide.

Dedicated Team Support

Our team of skilled professionals is committed to understanding and fulfilling your specific IoT needs, ensuring a seamless collaboration.

Rapid Time-to-Market

Our efficient processes and complete supply chain enable us to deliver solutions swiftly, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Competitive Pricing

We offer cost-effective IoT solutions without compromising on quality, maximizing the value you receive from your investment.

Our Featured IoT Devices

Redefine what’s possible with MOKOSmart IoT devices. Our reliable LoRaWAN, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, and other connected devices make IoT simple, smart, and scalable.

OEM - Our Featured IoT Devices - Bluetooth IoT Devices

Bluetooth IoT Devices

Seamlessly connect and empower your IoT solutions with our Bluetooth IoT devices, opening up a world of possibilities for your diverse applications.

OEM - Our Featured IoT Devices - LoRaWAN IoT Devices

LoRaWAN IoT Devices

Leverage the power of long-range, low-power wireless communication with our LoRaWAN devices, ideal for large-scale IoT deployments.

OEM - Our Featured IoT Devices - NB-IoT Devices

Cellular Devices

Discover the seamless connectivity and efficient data transmission of Cellular devices, optimizing IoT solutions with reliable, low-cost cellular connectivity.


We are trusted by
100+ world famous companies

“MOKO Smart provided 10/10 customer service very friendly and helpful. They provided everything we needed and shipped really fast so impressive. Units arrived in good condition and package really well. Hope to do business again.”

Darren Hunter

a New Zealand client

“The successful partnership with MOKO helps expand our customer reach, and the MOKO team was always available from start to finish.”


a Australia client

“I have worked within this space for many years and I can honestly tell you their products are great quality and service is great. If you have had any experience with other vendors, MOKO Smart is top of their game”

Marc Strydom

a South Africa client


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer your questions and help you determine the best service for your needs.

Yes, we provide sample products for evaluation purposes. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and request a sample.

The duration of the OEM process varies depending on the complexity of your project. We work diligently to deliver your customized IoT solutions within the agreed-upon timeframe, ensuring a swift time-to-market.

Absolutely! If you have an existing design or prototype, we will evaluate its feasibility and make necessary adjustments to meet manufacturing requirements.

Certainly! We have extensive experience in obtaining certifications such as CE, FCC, RoHS, and more. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with relevant standards in your target markets.

We offer comprehensive after-sales support, including firmware updates, technical assistance, product upgrades, and more. Our team is available to address after- production issues promptly.

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