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LW003-B Pro Outdoor Bluetooth Bridge

The LW003-B Pro series is an outdoor Bluetooth to LoRaWAN bridge, available in two versions: LW003-B Pro-A and LW003-B Pro-B (Rechargeable). Both models combine Bluetooth and LoRa technologies to facilitate data transmission to a LoRaWAN-based gateway. This outdoor Bluetooth bridge is designed for tasks such as personnel tracking, outdoor positioning, asset monitoring, environmental monitoring, and more. The rechargeable version can be charged using either a socket or solar panel making it a versatile and dependable choice for remote applications where power sources may be limited.

Product Features

> Bluetooth-LoRaWAN gateway that combines LoRa and Bluetooth
> Supports temperature and humidity sensor detection
> Rugged, IP67 waterproof design for outdoor use

> Low power reminder for battery status
> Long-range LoRa communication up to 6km
> Long-range Bluetooth scanning up to 550m

LW003-B Pro-A

> Accommodates 1-3 batteries for flexibility
> Powered by a 57000 mAh replaceable battery
> Antennas can be built-in (standard version) or external

LW003-B Pro-A

LW003-B Pro-B

> Powered by a rechargeable 6000mAh battery
> Can be charged via solar panel or power socket
> Antennas can be built-in (standard version) or external

LW003-B Pro-B


Bluetooth LoRaWAN integration

Seamless Bluetooth LoRaWAN integration

At the core of the LW003-B Pro lies its seamless integration of Bluetooth and LoRaWAN wireless technologies. This unique combination allows the device to effortlessly scan Bluetooth beacon data and relay it through a LoRaWAN network.

Flexible scanning and reporting strategies

The LW003-B Pro offers seven scanning and reporting strategies providing users with flexibility to choose the suitable approach, for their requirements. Users have the option to switch between these strategies and customize reporting content based on beacon types and application needs.

LW003-B Pro flexible scanning strategies
resume woring state of LW003-B Pro

Automatic resume of working state

In case of power loss or unexpected shutdown, the Bluetooth bridge is equipped to restart and resume operation once power is restored. Since the device is often installed in hard-to-access locations, this automatic reconnection feature can help cut down maintenance costs.

Rugged IP67 design for outdoor use

The LW003-B Pro Bluetooth bridge is built to be extremely tough and resistant to weather conditions with an IP67 certification that shields it from dust and water. It has the ability to function across a temperature range making it ideal for deployment in outdoor settings.

Bluetooth bridge for outdoor

Applications of LW003-B Pro Ourdoor Bridge

General Specs of LW003-B Pro Bluetooth Bridge

LoRa Wireless Specification

LoRa Protocol

LoRaWAN V1.0.3

LoRa Frequency

EU868/US916/AS923/IN865/ KR920/RU864/AS923-1/AS923-2 /AS923-3/AS923-4

Tx Power

Max 21dBm

LoRa Communication Distance

Up to 4.5 km (SF9 in urban open space with built- in antenna)
Up to 6 km (SF9 in urban open space with external fiberglass antenna)

BLE Wireless Specification

Bluetooth® (BLE)


TX Power

Max 8 dBm

BLE Scan Distance (Built-in antenna)

450m scan distance (In urban open space) (BLE 4.2 or BLE 5.0 1M PHY)
550m scan distance (In urban open space) (BLE 5.0 Coded PHY)

LW003-B Pro-A
LW003-B Pro-B


195mm × 195mm × 70mm

195mm × 203mm × 70mm

Net Weight



Power Supply

57000mAh replaceable battery

DC charging port or Battery
4 hours@9V/2A
6000mA rechargeable battery

Shell Material

Upper Cover:PVC / Lower Cover:ADC12

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ + 60℃

IP Rating

IP67 waterproof


FCC,CE under approval


Type Title Date
Product Brief LW003-B Pro-A non-rechargeable V1.1.pdf 04/20/2024
Product Brief LW003-B Pro-B rechargeable V1.1.pdf 04/20/2024

Video Display of LW003-B Pro Bluetooth Bridge