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The wireless Bluetooth® PIR PRESENCE is a passive Infrared (PIR) sensor that accurately detects object presence by detecting changes in infrared radiation. It utilizes a pyroelectric element, or pyroelectric infrared sensor, based on the pyroelectric effect. This device is ideal for people presence detection and desk occupancy monitoring, and can be applied in various settings such as smart lighting control, facility management, and occupancy detection in offices, hospitals, warehouses, and even as an intrusion alarm at home. With its low power consumption and ample battery capacity, it can operate continuously for up to 7 years without requiring a battery replacement.

Product Features

> Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
> LED act as indicator
> 1 mechanical button and 1 reset button
> Ultra-low power consumption Nordic nRF52
> 2*AA Li-SOCI2 Batteries (Replaceable)
> Up to 7 years’ battery life with 5200mAh large capacity battery
> PIR sensor and hall sensor inserted to detect the presence and motion of object
> Custom bracket with different opening angles

> Adjustable PIR flexibility
> Pre-configured parameters and easy configuration through APP
> Up to 140m Bluetooth advertising Range
> Wide temperature range between -20℃to 60℃
> Support flexible mounting(double sided tape, smart bracket)
> Wide coverage (Detection range:12m, detection angle:120° horizontal and 60° vertical)
> Custom firmware/hardware/product ID,package and logo as per customers’ requirement

P1 PIR Sensor Applications

Smart lighting

PIR Presence has built-in PIR sensors that are installed on ceilings or fixtures in offices, conference rooms or warehouses. It can detect a motion if someone’s passing by and then reported an event to the gateway, which sends a command to the IoT smart lighting and triggers a switch. If no one is detected, the lighting system is turned to a lower level or turned off.

Intrusion alarm

PIR Presence Beacon is a PIR sensor that acts as a doorkeeper for intrusion warning. It needs to be wall-mounted above the door edge or on the edge of the window with magnets attached. When the door or window is opened, hall sensor can report the magnet is away. And when PIR Beacon is installed in a room, human movement can be sensed and reported to the gateway, realizing intrusion monitoring alarm.

Occupancy detection

By deploying the PIR Beacon in a lounge or conference room, managers can maximize the use of space by knowing which room is available. When the PIR Beacon is installed directly above the work station, PIR can monitor whether the workers leave the post and make statistics on the status and efficiency of the workers.

Visitor statistics

PIR Presence Beacon can be used to count visitors in shopping malls and office areas. It will report the event to the gateway when someone passes by and statistics can be gained by recording each event.


Battery model

2*AA Li-SOCI2 Batteries

Battery Capacity (mAh)


Battery Life

7 years

Battery Replaceable



Nordic nRF52 series

Max advertising distance



74.2mm x 32.8mm x 46.9mm



Operating Environment

Temperature: - 20°C / + 60°C
Humidity: 0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)


Eddystone & iBeacon: URL, TML and UID

Firmware updating


Shelf Color


Installation method

Screws, and double-sided sticker


2 buttons (Mechanical and reset botton)

LED Color


Built-in Sensor

PIR sensor and Hall sensor)


PCB antenna

Assembly way

Crew hole at buttom



Sensor Specifications

Passive infrared sensor

Viewing angle

Horizontal:120°          Vertical:60°

Bracket with directional opening

Horizontal opening Angle:30° Vertical opening Angle:40°

Motion detection distance

12m in Maximum

Fresnel lens diameter


Recommended installation height

2.4m - 3.0m

Sensitivity level

Low -- 5m    Middle -- 8m    High -- 12m
(Can be customized in more level)

Delay response level

Low -- 30s    Middle -- 10s    High -- 2s
(Can be customized in more level)

Hall Sensor

Detection distance


Recommended installation gap



Type Title Date
Product Datasheet PIR PRESENCE Product Brief_V1.0.pdf 2022-12-29
Product Specification PIR PRESENCE User Maunal_V1.0.pdf 2023-2-6

P1 PIR Sensor Video Display


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