Bluetooth Beacons

MOKOSmart provides a wide selection of Bluetooth Beacon products, customized with different designs and features to meet various application requirements.

What is a Bluetooth Beacon?

Bluetooth beacon is like a smart lighthouse: it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Instead of emitting visible light, though, it broadcasts a radio signal that is made up of a combination of letters and numbers transmitted on a regular interval of approximately 1/10th of a second. A Bluetooth-equipped device like a smartphone can “see” a beacon device once it’s in range, much like sailors looking for a lighthouse to know where they are.

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Coin Tag

• Coin-size (φ26mm & 5.4g)
• Replaceable battery
• Built-in motion sensor
• Flexible tracking mode

Asset Tag

• IP 67 waterproof
• Flexible tracking mode
• BLE Long Range feature
• Optional T&H sensor

Lite Tag

• 36mm x 23mm x 5mm
• Replaceable battery
• Intelligent power management
• Cost-effective

M4 Pro Asset Tag

M4 Pro
Waterproof Tag

• IP67 waterproof
• Replaceable battery
• Built-in motion sensor
• Flexible tracking mode

M3 Mini
Industrial Tag

• IP67 waterproof
• Built-in motion sensor
• Support magnetic mounting
• BLE Long Range feature

L02S condition sensor

Location Tag

• IP67 waterproof
• Built-in hall-effect sensor
• Innovative rotating battery
• Versatile mounting options

Keychain Tag

• Replaceable battery
• Built-in motion sensor
• One click SOS button

Card Tag

• Credit card size
• IP66 waterproof
• Built-in motion sensor
• 5 years long life

H3 Button

• Enlarged button for SOS
• IP 66 waterproof
• 4 years long life
• Built-in motion sensors

RFID Badge

• Built-in RFID
• IP 66 waterproof
• Button/motion trigger
• Push button for panic

H5 Pro RFID Badge

H5 Pro
RFID Badge

• Built-in RFID
• BLong-life, replaceable battery
• Rubber button for SOS
• RFID/NFC (optional)

Helmet Tag

• IP67 waterproof
• Built-in motion sensor
• Replaceable battery
• NFC (optional)

H7 Lite
Helmet Tag

• Connected worker
• IP67 waterproof
• Rubber button for SOS
• Built-in motion sensor

Identification Tag

• Compact and portable
• Driver identification
• Emergency button
• IPX5 waterproof

W3 Exhibition Beacon

Positioning Tag

• IP 67 waterproof
• Built-in motion sensor
• Wristband, keyring or lanyard
• Selectivity ON/OFF button

W3 Pro

• Soft tactile button
• Built-in motion sensor
• Single-use anti-removal strap
• Anti-bacterial surface (optional)

W6 Bluetooth Wristband Beacon

Wristband Tag

• IP67, replaceable battery
• Motion sensor for fall detection
• RFID / NFC (optional)
• Wristband or lanyard (optional)

Panic Button

• Rechargeable lithium battery
• Support buzzer and motor
• Lanyard, double-sided tape
• Multi-type trigger types

B2 smart badge

Smart Badge

• Staff duress and panic button
• Buzzer / LED notification
• Pull-out ID card slot
• RFID / NFC (optional)

V01B Emergency Button

Emergency Button

• Lightweight button
• Replaceable battery
• Ultra-low power, 5 year
• Circular LED for reminders


• IP65 waterproof
• Long-life, replaceable battery
• Flexible tracking mode
• Ultra-long broadcast range


• IP65 waterproof
• Button trigger, motion trigger
• Landyard, 3M sticker, screw
• Ultra-long broadcast range


• Brick size
• Impact resistance
• 8000mAh for 10+ years life
• IP67 waterproof

Road Stud

• High durability
• Impact resistance
• IP67 and IK09 rating
• Parking space detection

L01 location anchor

Wayfind Locator

• IP67 waterproof
• Rotating battery design
• Flexible installation options
• Ultra-long broadcast range

T&H Sensor

• -20℃ ~ +60℃ temperature range
• ±0.3℃ accuracy, IPX4
• 2+ years life replaceable battery
• 4000 T&H data log

H4 Pro
T&H Sensor

• -20℃ ~ +60℃
• High sensitivity with ±0.3℃ accuracy
• IPX4 waterproof
• 4000 T&H data log

PIR Presence

• Human presence detection
• 5200mAh, 5+ years life
• 120°horizontal, 60°vertical detection angle
• Multi mounting methods

S02S tof range sensor

TOF Range Sensor

• Time-of-Flight ranging
• IP67, replaceable battery
• 3 meters maximum range
• 10mm magnetic mounting resolution level

S03D door sensor

Door Sensor

• IPX4 waterproof
• Tamper alarm
• Hall effect sensor
• 8+ years replaceable battery (2600mAh)

Condition Sensor

• Temperature/humidity/ door detection/ air pressure options
• -20℃ ~ +60℃
• High accuracy ±0.5℃
• IP67 waterproof

Explore MOKO BLE Beacon Features

Seamless Protocol Integration

Flexible integration options with iBeacon, Eddystone, Quuppa, and other supported protocols; CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH compliant.

Rugged & Durable Construction

Waterproof IP66/67, IK09 shockproof and IP69K high temperature and pressure resistance.

Integrated IoT Sensors

Incorporating a variety of sensors, including motion, temperature, humidity, Hall effect, IR&PIR, ToF, etc. for beacon sensors

Flexible and Adaptable Form Factors

Badges, wristbands, keyfobs, tags - customized beacon designs enabled by lanyard, adhesive, screw, magnetic mounts for easy installation.

High-quality Product Performance

Excellent RF range (up to 1312 feet), 10+ year battery life, high precision (0.5m accuracy) BLE AoA positioning.

Enhanced Interactivity & Alerts

Embedded RFID/NFC, LEDs and buzzers enable enhanced proximity detection, alerts and automation.

MOKOSmart AoA BLE Location Beacon Product Kits

The MOKOSmart AoA Bluetooth Beacon Kit enables precise indoor tracking using BLE tags, badges, wearables and AoA locators. The Bluetooth locators use angle of arrival technology for 0.1m ~ 1m accuracy. The all-in-one Bluetooth LE beacon kit provides components to quickly deploy accurate assets and personnel tracking in your facilities.

Bluetooth AoA location beacon product kits

AoA Location Beacon Tags Kit for Precise Tracking

AoA Tag:

H3 Card Beacon, H3 Button Badge, M2 Asset Beacon, W3 Pro SmartGuard Wristband, W6 Wristband Beacon

AoA Locator:

MKBAL-C25-P Locator

BLE Beacons Related Solutions

Discover our innovative Bluetooth beacon solutions, then join our ecosystem to make your wireless beacons vision a reality.
Check out more solution details and cases.

box unloading from the truck

Indoor&Outdoor Location

Real-time asset and personnel BLE tag monitoring indoors and outdoors for improved safety, security and efficiency.

box on the shelve

Asset Tracking Solution

Track assets in real-time with beacons Bluetooth throughout their lifecycle to optimize utilization and prevent losses.

warehouse workers loading and unloading goods

Warehouse Management

Track staff and belongings across the warehouse via BLE trackers to optimize operations, avoid losses and improve safety.

fleet moving on road

Fleet Management Tracking

Fleet personnel management and vehicle safety monitoring with BLE beacon tags, enhance safety and avoid losses.

FAQs about Bluetooth Beacon

Yes, custom hardware, firmware, enclosures, and logo can be developed. We offer OEM/ODM service and can develop best Bluetooth beacons per your needs.

The battery life is related to the advertising interval and Tx power setting. The battery life of our low energy Bluetooth beacons ranges from 3 months to 10 years.

By default, all our BLE beacon can incorporate an accelerometer as an optional additional hardware. Other sensors such as temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor, and vibration sensor can also be added.

We provide 1-year warranty for all the Bluetooth Low Energy beacons from the shipping date, any damage caused during the production would be replaced by a new one.

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