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H7L Helmet Tag

The H7 Lite Helmet Tag is a Bluetooth tag for helmets that is primarily designed for tracking personnel, triggering fall alarms, and SOS alarms in various industrial and construction settings. It is specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor environments such as mines, factories, warehouses, tunnels, and construction sites. With its ultra-low power consumption, this beacon ensures an unparalleled battery life of up to approximately 3 years.

Product Features of Helmet Tag

> 220mAh CR2032 battery with a long lifespan of 3 years
> Small size and light weight for better deployment privacy
> 150m broadcast distance provides a wide coverage area
> Tracking & Positioning service for better management of workers
> IP67 Waterproof ensures durability and reliability in harsh environments
> Independent enlarged textured concave SOS button for emergency help
> Stationary alarm for enhancing the productivity and efficiency of workers
> Customizable Logo and Button Colors for customers to choose from

Applications of Helmet Tag

Helmet tag in construction site

Construction site

Bluetooth Helmet Tag provides real-time tracking and on-duty monitoring of workers. It also has an SOS button for workers to alert for help in case of emergencies. The geo-fencing feature prevents workers from entering hazardous zones, and the system can detect if a worker is taking prolonged breaks or is fallen down.

Bluetooth Helmet tag in mining


Bluetooth hard hat tag beacon’s functionality allows for quick and accurate locating of miners during emergencies. This feature enables faster evacuation and rescue operations, potentially saving more lives in hazardous mining environments.

Helmet bluetooth tag in factory


Helmet Tag beacon provides a safety net for workers by monitoring their safety in real-time. It has an SOS button for emergencies and can detect when a worker is slacking off or engaging in unsafe behavior. This feature promotes a safer working environment for all workers in the factory.

bluetooth helmet tag in tunnel


Smart helmet beacon helps track workers’ location, monitors their safety and sends alerts in case of emergencies. The system’s SOS button enables quick and effective communication during emergencies, allowing for efficient rescue operations. The geo-fencing feature prevents workers from entering dangerous areas, reducing the risk of accidents.

Technical Description of Helmet Tag


BLE 5.0




Body - White
Button - Blue (color customizable)





IP Rating



Accelerometer sensor | Buzzer

Battery Capacity

220mAh | Replaceable battery

Battery Lifespan

3 years

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Transmission Range

150m (Open area without obstacles)


3M sticker


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth

Documentation of Bluetooth Helmet Tag

Type Title Date
Product Brief H7 Lite Product Brief.pdf 2023-03-29