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TOF Sensor Beacon

The TOF sensor is a compact, IP67 waterproof Bluetooth Beacon based on BLE 4.2. It utilizes Time-of-Flight technology for distance measurement and is ideal for real-time usage monitoring when attached to soap dispensers, tissue boxes, or trash cans. Additionally, it can be deployed in restrooms for real-time occupancy monitoring, reducing maintenance costs. With its 600mAh battery and periodic working mechanism, the product guarantees a lifespan of more than 3 years. It is the preferred choice for IoT-enabled smart offices, factories, and plazas.

Product Features

➢ Impressive range of up to 3 meters
➢ High precision millimeter-level ranging accuracy
➢ Exceptional 3-year battery life for long-lasting usage
➢ Sleek and compact design for easy portability and use
➢ IP67 waterproof rating for protection against water and dust
➢ Measures distance using time-of-flight (ToF) technology
➢ Periodic working mechanism enables the devices to operate within specific time intervals
➢ Adjustable TOF ranging modes, including short range test, long range test, and close monitoring

TOF Sensor Applications

TOF Sensor Beacon can be used in Office & Supermarket


TOF ranging sensor beacon effortlessly detect the fill levels of trash bins and paper/towel dispensers, enabling proactive maintenance and ensuring optimal operations. Stay ahead of restocking needs, prevent potential issues, and deliver a seamless experience to customers with this versatile TOF distance sensor.


Our time of flight sensor accurately count stock quantities and continuously monitor inventory levels in real-time. Streamline inventory management processes, improve accuracy, and ensure efficient supply chain operations with this powerful tool for warehouse stock count and inventory level monitoring.

TOF sensor can be used in warehouse
TOF Sensor Beacon can be used in Toilet


TOF sensor detect occupancy in real-time, ensuring prompt cleaning and maintenance. Monitor soap dispenser fill levels to prevent shortages. Enhance hygiene, optimize cleaning schedules, and provide a seamless restroom experience with this advanced TOF distance measurement sensor.

Technical Description


BLE 4.2(Hardware compatible with Bluetooth 5.1)









IP Rating



TOF sensor, hall sensor, 3 axis sensor

Battery Capacity

CR2450 600mAh | Replaceable

Battery Lifespan

3 years - Short range mode(<1.2m)
2 years - Long range mode(1.2m-3m)

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Transmission Range

150m (Open area without obstacles)


3M sticker


FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth

Max. distance


Min. distance


Ranging error

±10mm in short range (<0.1m)
±5% in medium range (0.1m-1.2m)
±1% in long range (1.2m-3m)




Type Title Date
Product Brief TOF Sensor Product Brief_V1.0.pdf 2023-03-29
Product Specification TOF Sensor Product Specification_V1.0.pdf 2023-03-29

FAQs of TOF Sensors

A Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensor is a type of distance measurement sensor that uses the principle of measuring the time it takes for light or sound waves to travel to an object and back to determine distance.

A ToF Distance Sensor typically consists of a light source (such as a laser or LED), a photodetector, and associated electronics for processing and measuring the time it takes for the light to return.

Distance Detection Sensor offers several benefits including high accuracy, fast response time, immunity to ambient light conditions, and the ability to measure distances to both stationary and moving objects.

Some potential drawbacks of TOF sensors include limited range compared to other distance measurement technologies, sensitivity to reflective surfaces, and higher cost compared to some alternative sensors.

There are various types of distance measurement sensors including ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors, laser distance sensors, and Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensors.

A TOF sensor emits a light signal and calculates distance by measuring the time it takes for the signal to return. Using the speed of light, the sensor accurately determines the object’s distance based on this measured time.

TOF sensors have diverse applications including robotics, industrial automation, autonomous vehicles, gesture recognition, 3D scanning, object detection, and monitoring systems such as occupancy detection and fill level monitoring.

A TOF sensor beacon is a compact device that combines the functionality of a TOF sensor with a beacon, allowing for distance measurement and wireless communication capabilities. It enables precise distance monitoring and localization in various applications. It works by emitting infrared light, when the object is encountered after reflection reception, in order to calculate the distance between the Beacon and the object.

The range of a TOF sensor beacon can vary depending on the application and specific model. Generally, TOF sensor beacons can have effective ranges ranging from a few centimeters to several meters.

Yes, time of flight sensor beacon can work outdoors, but their performance may be affected by factors such as ambient light conditions and reflective surfaces. It’s essential to consider these factors and choose a TOF sensor beacon suitable for outdoor use if required.

Yes, TOF sensor beacons are designed to support wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Wi-Fi. This enables seamless integration with other devices and systems for data transmission and analysis.

Yes, TOF sensor beacons are typically designed for ease of configuration and deployment. They often come with user-friendly interfaces or mobile apps that allow users to set parameters, adjust settings, and manage multiple beacons efficiently.

TOF sensor beacons are designed to be energy-efficient, often featuring low-power consumption. They can be powered by batteries or have options for external power sources, depending on the specific model and application requirements.

Yes, TOF distance sensors are often designed with compatibility in mind. They can be integrated with existing systems or platforms through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or SDKs (Software Development Kits) for seamless data integration and analysis.

Yes, TOF detection sensor beacons can be used for real-time tracking applications by combining their distance measurement capabilities with appropriate algorithms and tracking systems. This enables precise and continuous tracking of objects or people within a defined area.


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